Addition Story Problems

In my Kindergarten class we’ve been working hard at mastering addition!  Due to implementing the Common Core this year we are spending a lot of additional class time on addition than we did last year.  This past week along with next week we will be working on standard K.OA.2 (solving addition and subtraction story problems).

  We have been adding with pictures and completing addition story problems {Freebie}.  This week we are also going to use {these} simple addition story problems.  With these story problems the students will be able to read, comprehend, and complete the entire problem on their own. 

Up to now I have been displaying the word problem on the Smartboard and we have been completing it as a group before dismissing for independent practice.  I think they are really going to enjoy completing these simple to read story problems on their own- so exciting!!!

Our Door Display- Tad’s Bug Jar (so sorry it’s blurry)
*We can solve addition story problems and show our answers 4 ways*


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