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Did you hear about the NEW Pip the Pup back to school packet? I created this new set of digital slides so that you could remove even just one thing off your plate. The new slides cover 50 skills/topics – see the full list below. I have also included printables for the school supplies. This will allow you to see right away the skill in action. You have multiple versions of certificates included and/or ways for the students to show that they are CERTIFIED! Access this packet for 50% off through Sunday only! View the packet by clicking below or HERE!

What skills are covered?

Lesson 1: Pencils
Lesson 2: Color Pencils
Lesson 3: Crayons
Lesson 4: Markers
Lesson 5: Highlighters
Lesson 6: Dry Erase Markers
Lesson 7: Scissors
Lesson 8: Glue Sticks
Lesson 9: Glue Bottles
Lesson 10: Erasers
Lesson 11: Watercolors
Lesson 12: Dough
Lesson 13: Manipulatives
Lesson 14: Clipboards
Lesson 15: Dry Erase Boards
Lesson 16: Technology
Lesson 17: Name on Paper
Lesson 18: Hand Sanitizer
Lesson 19: Tissues
Lesson 20: Raise Your Hand
Lesson 21: Asking for Help
Lesson 22: Carpet Time
Lesson 23: 5 Ways to Listen
Lesson 24: Bubble Space
Lesson 25: Cleaning the Classroom
Lesson 26: Small-Groups
Lesson 27: Center Time
Lesson 28: Caring for the Classroom
Lesson 29: Cleaning Up
Lesson 30: Perseverance
Lesson 31: Make a New Friend
Lesson 32: Conflict Resolution
Lesson 33: Calm Down
Lesson 34: Recess Expectations
Lesson 35: Cafeteria Expectations
Lesson 36: Bathroom Expectations
Lesson 37: Water Fountain
Lesson 38: Library Expectations
Lesson 39: Classroom Guest
Lesson 40: Voice Levels
Lesson 41: Sitting Safely
Lesson 42: Lining Up
Lesson 43: Moving Safely in the Hallway
Lesson 44: Moving Safely in the Classroom
Lesson 45: Classroom Arrival
Lesson 46: End of Day Dismissal
Lesson 47: Fire Drill
Lesson 48: Earthquake Drill
Lesson 49: Tornado Drill
Lesson 50: Lockdown Drill