Completed Recess Packet & Freebie

Well my fun in the sun was quite nice.  I actually walked away with more of a tan than a burn…yes!
I finished up the recess packet which I’m super excited about! A character named ‘Tommy’ teaches the kiddos about the playground equipment and how to play safely on the equipment. Click below to view this product selling on my TpT page for $4.


Freebie- this is a quick addition word problem assessment.  If your school has adopted the Common Core or will be in the coming year you will know all about the emphasis on not only addition and subtraction but the focus on word problems!  This quick assessment will be added to our district K grade card assessing.  We have 3 assessments for addition and 3 for subtraction to cover all of the Core.  The three assessments cover {fluency within 5, add/sub within 10, and word problems} It is so exciting to see these little ones take off with their addition and subtraction skills.  They are proud and I’m beyond thrilled! 🙂  Click the picture to get the google doc!

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Have a super ending to the weekend!


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