Differentiated Fiction Leveled Readers [freebie included]

Thanks so much stopping in with me! Today I want to share about my NEW Differentiated Leveled Fiction readers! There are a couple of quick things for me to mention about the new readers! 1) You get to try them completely FREE. I have a complete reader set for you to try out! 2) The readers are currently on sale for 50% OFF. I will share all of this and more below!

I had A LOT of requests for these new readers! A lot of teachers and (and adore) my KinderReaders but they wanted access to differentiated readers! What does this mean? Each book title is offered in FOUR differentiated levels. This way ALL of your reading groups can read the “same” book but at their level! If you have KinderReaders and you’re wondering if these are the same well you don’t have to worry about that now! ALL of these books are brand new!

Another huge reason for these new readers was teachers requesting student readers that match my KinderLiteracy themes! This is a set of 50 thematic readers that offer those four levels of differentiation (A-D), a total of 200 books!

What is included?

– 50 fiction thematic and differentiated readers (Levels A-D for each reader)
– COLOR and BLACK/WHITE material included

What is included for each reader?

– 4 scripted lesson plans (Levels A-D)
– 4 readers (b/w included)
– 4 running records (Levels A-D)
– 2 mix and fix sentences (Levels A-B)
– Picture cards (Levels A-D)
– Word cards (Levels A-B)
– Student response sheets (Levels C-D)
– Reader comprehension quiz (Level D)

Below you can take a look at the material included for ALL of the 50 themed readers!

You will have more than enough to supplement your guided reading groups with MEANINGFUL material!

What readers are included?

Sharing, Friends, Apples, Seasons, Transportation, Three Bears, Three Pigs, Three Goats, Bats, Pumpkins, Veterans, Scarecrows, Thanksgiving, Five Senses, Reindeer, Gingerbread, Red Hen, Snow, Dental Health, Mitten, Friends, Bears, Polar Train, Penguins, Polar Bears, Equality, Kindness,
Individuality, St. Patrick’s Day, President’s Day, Election, Farm, Rabbits,
Frogs, Snakes, Dinosaurs, Space, Chickens, Weather, Ponies, Plants,
Butterflies, Tigers, Friendship, Community, Koalas, Pirates, Dolphins,
Fire Safety, Spider, Owls

TRY IT FREE! You can try out the readers with this freebie reader set called Friendsgiving! In this freebie you will have access to everything that is included for each book! You will have the leveled A-D readers in color & b/w, lesson plans, running records, word cards, picture cards, response sheets, and MORE! You can download this freebie preview book **HERE**

ON SALE FOR 50% OFF! You can sang the set of 200 differentiated fiction readers for 50% OFF! Click **HERE** or the image below to view the readers on TPT!

I hope you have the BEST Thanksgiving and get to put your feet up for a little R&R!
XO- Tara


  1. Hello. I’m new at this. would love to print out the Friendsgiving Level A but don’t need all the other levels and pages! How does one do this? These materials are great!


  2. Hi Tara, do you have an overview of some sort of instructions on how to use the fluency assessments? For example, M=Mastered, etc. I’m just not sure what the S and the V are considered and how to incorporate the fluency and comprehension scores.

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