Finally on Facebook and some great news!!

I know!  I know!  I sound like a dinosaur…but Little Minds at Work is finally on Facebook 🙂  It’s still in the beginning stages, but please take a moment to like the page!  I will be sharing ideas from classroom, new products, hosting giveaways, flash sales, and so much more!

Click below to head over there! I also received some great news from my doctor today.  My blood results came in showing that I have NO abnormalities that could have caused my losses or continue to cause loss.  I don’t have a clotting disorder and I also don’t carry any harmful chromosomes.  I had a quick little procedure to correct a uterine septum {yeah never heard of it before last week}.  The doctor is confident we will have success in our future due to this little procedure.  I sure hope so because I am ready for it! 🙂

Well anyway…find me on Facebook and have an awesome Friday!

Much Love,


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