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Hi there and thank you SO much for joining me today! I am thrilled to finally get this post up for you! Over the years I have shared many amazing freebies here and there! Well, life gets busy and sometimes we don’t always get a chance to download it right away and then POOF we forget! Today I will share all of my most popular freebies combined in this ONE easy post! All you have to do is scroll, click, download and ENJOY! A lot of the freebies have been shared exclusively in my Facebook group! You can join in the fun with us still! You can join the Facebook group HERE!

Now let’s get into the FREEBIES! Please note that all of the freebies are linked from the images and the text saying “download here”. Feel free to share this blog post with your teacher besties so they can also download the amazing freebies!

Sight Words Match-Ups. Download this free download HERE.

Free writing paper with MULTIPLE options! Download it *HERE*

Avocado Feelings Match-Ups *HERE*

Handwriting Helper free download *HERE*

“I am in love with these PlayDoh cards! Thank you, Tara! Instead of printing them on individual pages, I did 4 on a page, color coded each set on the back with dot stickers to match the containers before laminating, in case they ever get mixed up.” -Jessica Download this freebie *HERE*

Freebie numbers to 20 number path. Download it *HERE*

Grab this freebie assessment student mat + teacher data tracker! The freebie is editable so you can type in your own sight words, CVC words, sentences, alphabet, numbers, etc! Download it HERE
**Be sure to download the file if you’re wanting to edit it! To download, click the link and then click the white download arrow in the upper right corner!

BRAND NEW FREEBIE! Handwriting mats! Download the mats **HERE**

BRAND NEW FREEBIE! Snag this adorable PB&J Beginning Sounds Builders packet **HERE**

Number Sense Flash Cards **HERE**

Do you have a vertical number line on display in your classroom? My students showed such an improvement in their number sense of more and less using the vertical number line! It was also a powerful visual for how many more/fewer! What’s crazy is it makes sense! For young children when we say the number goes “up” what does that mean… when they see it on a traditional number line it looks like it’s going over and not up!

Click ***HERE*** to download the vertical number line cards!

Click ***HERE*** to grab the rhyming freebie!

Click ***HERE*** to download the number tracing sheets!

Freebie ABC sort sheets **HERE**

Snag this freebie phonemic awareness assessment **HERE**

Rainbow write sheets **HERE**

Alphabet Trace Dot to Dot Sheets **HERE**

***Click HERE to download the ABC sheets!***

Freebie whole-body alphabet cards **HERE**

Download these freebie strokes practice strips! Laminate and use a dry-erase marker! Download the strips HERE.

Classroom supply labels **HERE**

Snag these freebie supply labels **HERE**

At the beginning of the year we also work a lot on our NAMES! This freebie is an adorable way to practice sequencing the letters in our names!

***Click HERE to download the names freebies!***

This center is very similar to those within my PreK Center Bundles! You can view those bundles HERE and HERE!

We aren’t done with names YET! I just love this quick, easy, and CHEAP way to have kiddos practice their names at home! Simply edit the note for your students and write the letters in their names on the 1 inch plastic square tiles! The students will be able to practice their names at home! Download this freebie *HERE* This freebie is hosted on Adobe. In order to edit it you need to DOWNLOAD the freebie by clicking the white download arrow in the upper right!

Names, names, names! Additional name help for the home is at your fingertips with this download!

***Click HERE to download the parent guide for working on names!***

You can also share the following video with your kiddos!

Download these first day of school posters HERE! Multiple grades included!

Weekly progress reports used to cause me SO much headache! 20-25 kiddos times 20-25 sheets of paper per week! EKKK! These quarterly progress reports saved us so much paper and really allowed for parents to see a trend over an entire quarter! Click ***HERE*** to download the progress reports! Editable version included! **THIS IS A ZIPPED FILE** If downloading on a phone you’ll need to use the free izip app! 

Snag these freebie morning greeting posters/cards! There are 2 versions included to meet your classroom needs for the year 🙂 Download this freebie HERE!

Pip the Pup inspired back to school postcards for your students! There are in-person and virtual learning options. Download this freebie HERE!

Download the back to school tags **HERE**

Freebie Book Box Labels **HERE**

Monthly supply labels (multiple sizes) **HERE**

Download a set of FREEBIE nonfiction puzzlers! This set includes 10 styles! Each style is offered for capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers to 10, numbers to 20, and counting by 10s to 100. Download this freebie set **HERE**

Freebie Movement Challenge Mat! Download the freebie Movement Challenge mat **HERE**

Hands On Explore Tubs

This freebie is a sampler to my Hands-On Explore Tubs! Be sure to scroll to page 14 of the packet to view the images below! Your students will get to explore with fuzzy poms, pattern blocks, dough and cubes! These centers are perfect for your morning work tubs, explore tubs, math centers and early finishers!

*Click HERE to download this freebie*

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs

kindergarten morning work tubs
If your kiddos love these centers— you can view my Hands-On Centers Part 1 and Hands-On Centers Part 2!

Up next is a freebie Literacy Center Expectations chart! I also included a print tip to assist you in printing this download so that it is POSTER size!

**Click HERE to download this freebie!**

Are you in need of notebook tags? I have you COVERED!

**Poetry tags click HERE**
**Reading tags click HERE**
**Writing tags click HERE**
**Homework tags click HERE**

At the start of the year we do A LOT of assessing and letter names and/or letter sounds is a big part of that! I created this tracker and used it each and every year! The tracker is set up in ABC order so that you can visually see which letters the students haven’t mastered yet. When assessing the students you will have them read down the columns (a, d, g, j, m, etc). I like to check off the letters that the students are able to state. Then, I graph the overall total each assessment! I then use a different color of pen each time so I can see growth over time!

**Click HERE to grab this letter graph!**

How about an ABC chart?! You can also print them four to a page (using the instructions the top of this post) so that they are MINI abc charts!

***Click HERE to download the ABC chart!***

What is more fun than DOUGH and REAL LIFE pictures?! I’m obsessed with these real life photo dough mats! You can also print the dough mats 2 or 4 to a page using the print tips at the top of the post!

***Click HERE to download the mats!***

While we are talking about real life photos—how about this ABC tracing book? You can choose between two styles within the freebies!

***Click HERE to download the freebie!***

You can also print the pages 4 to page (instructions at the top of the post) just like Michelle did!

See the book in action below!

Keeping on the alphabet bus… Next I am sharing my alphabet strip! I know most of you already have your ABC strips up for the year, but I have also included mini versions for word walls, flashcards, etc!

***Click HERE to download the freebie ABC strip!***

Alphabet puzzle fun! OH YES!!!

***Click HERE to download the freebie alphabet puzzles!***

When learning the alphabet we practice letter formation, too! Snag these freebie letter tracing sheets!

***Click HERE to download the letter sheets!***

The following sheets work on the letters of the alphabet but I love placing them in the “work on writing” folders at the beginning of the year!

ABC  magnet work is an engaging activity for the guided reading table and literacy centers as well!

***Click HERE to download the ABC magnet sheets!***

Speaking of literacy centers… this Chicka Boom center is TOO fun for the beginning of the year!

***Click HERE to grab the Chicka Boom center!***

ABC puzzlers are fun, too!  This freebie has a few different puzzles that will for sure bring joy to your kiddos!

***Click HERE to download the ABC puzzlers!***

This next freebie I’ve had on my blog for years but it can get easily missed! This is a set of freebie poems! Don’t forget that you can also project the poems on your smartboard/interactive whiteboard!

***Click HERE to download the poems!***

I shared ABC puzzles above but this a CVC or Onset/Rime version! WOOT!

***Click HERE to download the freebie!***

How about a freebie Spring Journal? Download it **HERE**

How about a freebie complete sentences checklist? Download it HERE!

How to Writing Templates! Grab these freebie writing templates **HERE**

Sentences ending punctuation quick practice sheets **HERE**

Grab this freebie CVC word building mat **HERE**

Freebie Butterfly readers, lesson plans, and MORE! Grab them **HERE**

Freebie Nonfiction Rabbit readers! Grab them **HERE**

St. Patrick’s Day Readers! Grab them **HERE**

Freebie CVC sound clippers **HERE**

Freebie CVC Match and Grab **HERE**

CVC Search It cards **HERE**

CVC Handwriting Mats **HERE**

CVC apply sheets freebie **HERE**

CVC assessments freebie **HERE**

Thanksgiving Readers Freebie **HERE**

Writing paper and rubrics FREEBIE **HERE**

Guided Reading Spinners **HERE**

Freebie “At the Farm” Reader **HERE**

Freebie center logs **HERE**

Freebie EDITABLE student assessment trackers **HERE**

Freebie Pip the Pup Books + Crowns **HERE**

Pip the Pup book about using a binder for center time! Click **HERE**

Freebie differentiated writing sheets **HERE**

Complete Sentences Checklist **HERE**

Kid-Friendly Resource sheets/cards **HERE**

The following poster has always been a part of my KinderLiteracy program! However, Holly mentioned this awesome strategy so I decided to release just this poster as a freebie!

“After we read a book in Guided Reading, we use the retell poster to retell the story. I pile the cubes on each circle to match the color. As they retell each piece of the story, we move a cube to line it back up in order. They know if a cube is still there, they still have something to tell me this has helped with their retell skills greatly.”

***Click HERE to download the poster.***

Up next is a fun activity I like to call PSF Stretchers! These are great as a guided reading warm up! The students will state the picture name, stretch the three sounds and then blend  the word back together!

***Click HERE to download the PSF Stretchers!***

Keeping with phoneme segmentation and sounds is this awesome poster and matching set of cards! I like to use the green for beginning sounds, yellow for middle sounds and red for final sounds! You can ask something like, “What is the green sound in the word cat?” You can also use the cards for phoneme segmentation as well!

***Click HERE to download the poster. Click HERE to download the cards!***

Word Blenders FREEBIE! Grab it here ?

A lot of times I get questions like, “How do you get your kiddos into reading groups so early in the year— they don’t even know all of their letters yet?” Well, I am a strong believer that students can “read” with NO letter recognition! If students can identify environmental print they they are already “reading”. I love these I can read sentence strips because they allow students the ability to READ early on and feel successful!

***Click HERE to download the sentence strips!***

I have additional strips HERE and HERE!

Let’s keep chatting about guided reading with a free sampler to my KinderReaders program! The KinderReaders program has scripted lesson plans, word cards, picture cards, easy readers, running records and mix/fix sentences! You can download the free Level D sample ***HERE***  I have a FirstieReaders Level E Freebie sampler ***HERE**

I shared an ABC chart above but here is something similar but bumped up! A beginning blends and digraphs chart! You can also print the charts 4 to a page using the instructions at the top of the post!

***Click HERE to download the freebie chart!***

Up next is a free sampler to my KinderLiteracy close reading curriculum! I wanted to share this freebie in case you’re not able to use the complete KinderLiteracy program but could slide in a week or two! Who doesn’t LOVE Rainbow Fish? The KinderLiteracy program includes 5 days of lesson plans, assessment, vocabulary, daily printables, poem, craft and MORE!

To download this freebie click ***HERE*** Once you get to the KinderLiteracy link, click on the green PREVIEW button.

If you would like to download the freebie directly onto your computer click the white download button within the TpT preview!

I have additional FREEBIES for you!  Try out a free BEE week for KinderLiteracy ***HERE***   Try out a free SNOWY DAY week ***HERE***

I also have a free week as part of my FirstieLiteracy bundle preview ***HERE***

In addition, I have Pre-K Literacy program as well! Snag a free sampler week to this program ***HERE***

I am also sharing a free sampler week to my KinderWordFamilies and FirstieWordFamilies! These programs include lesson plans, easy readers, word cards, word family posters and interactive games!

Try out KinderWordFamilies ***HERE*** Try out FirstieWordFamilies ***HERE***

Now let’s chat rhyming with these adorable rhyming games!

This is quick freebie poster for teaching visualizing! Click ***HERE*** to download!

Teaching kiddos how to apologize is something we might not always think of until we hear them say “Sorry”. Well, what are you sorry?  This poster and scenario cards can assist with teaching that!

Click ***HERE*** to download the freebie!

This is a freebie I shared via social media a few weeks back! I wanted to make sure I shared it here in case you missed it! Growth mindset is such an important but tricky “skill” to teach! This book really helps to explain growth mindset with examples!

Click ***HERE*** to download the book!

Download this freebie comparing center **HERE** This can be used for a simple comparison center or used for a weight comparison center! View the video below to see the center in action!

How about this adorable set of number sense boards! ARGH! This freebie comes with numbers cards to 20 and 2 number sense boards for numbers within 10 and within 20! Download this free download **HERE**

 These are word builder cards! They help the students build words with onset and rime!

***Click HERE to download the word builder cards!***

NEW! Blends and digraphs word builder cards. DOWNLOAD THE FREEBIE **HERE**

CVCE Word Builder Cards **HERE**

Pip the Pup book labels! Download it **HERE**

Up next are some adorable freebie fall fun alphabet and numbers mats! Grab these freebie download **HERE**

Number search it sheets **HERE**

Numbers Trace and Write Sheets **HERE**

ELA Instant Printables! Grab this free set of ELA printables **HERE** I have a full set of these HERE if you’re interested in more!

Now it’s time to talk MATH!!! Up first is a page of fun 10 frame games! This sheet is an excellent resource because there are really endless ways to play games with 10 frames!

Download the ten frame games sheet  ***HERE***

I also have the larger ten frame, number cards and  mini 10 frames in this easy download ***HERE***

How about a numbers to 12 Roll and Cover board!?

Click ***HERE*** to download the Roll and Cover board!

Freebie rainbow equations sort **HERE**

Do you use interactive math notebooks in your classroom? This books gives you a way to teach the kiddos HOW to use their interactive math notebooks!

Click ***HERE*** to download the freebie how-to book!

I have interactive notebooks for Kindergarten and First Grade!

I shared letter formation sheets above… now sharing the same for NUMBERS!

A lot of you LOVE my custom books from KinderSurvival and FirstieSurvival… well long before those I created these math manipulatives custom books! They are part of my KinderMath Getting Started unit!

Click ***HERE*** to download the KinderMath Getting Started unit!

How about some fun + engaging number review sheets! Don’t worry that the cover is Halloween themed –it was a Halloween freebie! The pages aren’t Halloween.

Click ***HERE*** for the freebie number sheets!

As the year progresses we work a lot on number sequences and missing numbers! These review strips are a quick and easy way to review!

Click ***HERE*** to download the strips!

Math Instant Printables! Grab this free set of Math printables **HERE** I have a full set of these HERE if you’re interested in more!

I have a freebie fine motor center for you! Click ***HERE*** to download the mats!

This center is very similar to those within my PreK Center Bundles! You can view those bundles HERE and HERE!

Last but not least is another awesome fine motor freebie that also includes MATH! You can print these full size or half size using the print tip from the top of the blog post!

Click ***HERE*** to download the mats!

Grab this freebie ladybug counting book **HERE**

Print the books double sided and choose “flip on short edge.”

Practicing CVCE Words? Well, that tricky long e sound doesn’t have many options so turn it into a long e vs short e practice with these practice sheets! Download them **HERE**

End of the Year Crowns! Download the freebie **HERE**

Rollin’ Into Summer gift tags! Download this freebie **HERE**

Download this freebie summer/end of the year fluency prep drills HERE!

Additional freebies can be downloaded **HERE**

Thank you so much for joining me today! Feel free to reach out with any questions— I wish you the BEST school year yet!

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    I love all the realistic pictures, graphics, and layouts. It is very kid friendly and teacher friendly alos

  3. How do I print the ABC Tracing Book 4 to a sheet of paper? My computer isn’t letting me do it. Do I have to save it as a powerpoint file? I have a Dell.

    1. Make sure that you downloaded the freebie from google docs. It will need to be in adobe in order to do the multiple. Once you’re in adobe it will look like the pictures I shared above in the instructions 🙂

  4. Thanks for the freebies. My kids are going to enjoy them. It will be good to see them having fun and learning at the same time.

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    Awesome ideas!

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  10. Thank you for all of your wonderful freebies. They are beautifully done and I know my preschool students will love them!

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    1. Hi there! This blog post has multiple freebies on it! The parent note is one of those freebies. That freebie is just the note 🙂

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