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Hello sweet friends!  I have to admit that I have s.u.m.m.e.r on the brain!  Although, it doesn’t feel like it’s really that time yet!  I guess they do say time flies by when you are having so much fun!  Today was my sweet niece’s preschool graduation….

I know adorable right?!  At school we have been busy as always!  I’ve noticed with Kindergarten they don’t always get the whole “summer” thing!  So they are still busy learning and working!  We do countdown the days until summer during calendar each morning.  However, we whisper count them as Mrs. West would be just too sad to know school is almost out!  I am always excited for summer, but it’s for sure a sad day to see such a sweet class grow up and move on!
To celebrate our talk of moving up to first grade we made these SUPER cute cars from Jennifer at  First Grade Blue Skies

 You can view this craft by clicking below!

This week we will be going full steam!  We have our Kindergarten Celebration, book party, field day…and then back one more day next week {darn snow days}!  However, I am MOST looking forward to my weekend trip to Florida!  Nothing better then your feet in the sand! 🙂

Today I shared this on my Facebook fan page…

You can view the close read bundle along with downloading the free update below!

Have a great week!


  1. I bought your close read bundle a few months ago and I have seen AMAZING growth in my students since we started using them! They LOVE reading our books every day. We did the snake close read the week that we went to the zoo. When we walked into the reptile house and one of my students said, "Look, Miss Vick! The snake molted!" and I almost fell over. It has been such a fun challenge for them and I have been so impressed with their growth. Thank you!!!

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