Summer Explore Tubs

Hey, hey!  It’s time for a brand new set of fine motor explore centers!  These are great for this time of the year …a mix of hands-on, with summer, and FUN!   You’ll want to be sure to click through to each activity so you can read about each in depth!  I hope your littles love these and thanks so much for the internet – -total game changer for us teachers! 🙂


This is a fun and practice fine motor center!  The Bead Drop just needs beads, jar/bowl {like a better tub}, and fine motor tweezers or clothes pins!  Read more about this HERE.

Bead drop from Modern Preschool


Umm… nothing says summer like sand!  I love how And Next Comes L has paired the kinetic sand with fun “manipulatives” like sticks aka pencils and geoboards aka writing surface!  In my room I’m putting the kinetic sand into a plastic bowl with a lid and then will leave them a cookie sheet to pout it out on then they’ll place it back into the bowl once their through!

Kinetic Sand idea from And Next Comes L


Another adorable idea from And Next Comes L!  For this activity the kiddos will be using those strong finger muscles again to attach clothes pin legs and tails to the foam animals.  However, they can be created and mix and match the legs and tails! Fun!

Mix and Match Animals from And Next Comes L

Eeeek “worms!” For this activity you will place pipe cleaner worms OR little creatures from the dollar store!  The kiddos will use their fine motor tweezers to dig for the items in the “dirt!”  I am placing my brown rice into a plastic “shoe box” so that it will have a lid and hopefully cut down on a chance of a spill! #wishfulthinkingatleast

Digging for Worms idea from Laughing Kids Learn
Did someone say barbecue?  These are adorable little ketchup and mustard lacing cards!  You can snag them for free from Classic Play!

Have a splendid week and enjoy these last few weeks! 🙂

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