Tara West’s Free Downloads Catalog [access 250 free downloads]

Welcome in! This post will serve as a library for Tara West’s free downloads! E.V.E.R.Y. file on this post is absolutely free! This post is a great one to bookmark for repeat browsing! New freebies will be updated to this post as they become available!

First off, let’s talk a little “tech.” Below I will link all of the freebies right here on the page! You will be able to click the “download” button. Google docs are super simple to use! Once you click the link, you will want to click on the white download arrow in the upper, far right corner! Try to avoid the “open with” in the middle of the screen as that oftentimes will cause download issues! Once you click the white download arrow the file will download onto your computer and you will be able to save it to your computer! Google docs are best downloaded on a computer. Email me at li******************@gm***.com with any issues accessing the freebies! Let’s jump right in!

These free downloads are hosted on Google. Make sure to copy and paste the blog post into a Chrome browser and not Safari. This will help to make sure that you’re signed into Google.

Below is a clickable table of contents for all the freebies! Click below to quickly access that freebie!

Gameboards – A FREE DOWNLOAD

Access the FREE gameboards for Units 1-6 HERE!

Phonics Pop Tube Cards – A FREE DOWNLOAD

Download this free set of phonics pop-tube cards! Download the cards HERE. View a similar set of tubes on Amazon HERE.

NEW! Hands-On Phonics Arc Center

Download this NEW and FREE set of Hands-On Phonics Arcs! Download HERE!

NEW! Thematic CVC Spin, Tap, Map, Write Sheets

Download this set of fun + engaging themed CVC spin, tap, map, write sheets HERE!

NEW! “Spy It” Sheets!

Download this set of NEW “Spy It” Practice Sheets. This set offers “spy it” sheets for Units 1-4. Download HERE!

NEW! SOR Sound Sort Assessment Sheets!

Download these quick and simple sort sort “assessment” sheets. Available for Guided Phonics + Beyond Units 1-4! Download them HERE!

Hide the Pip Freebie!

Inspired by a Facebook Group member, this fun Pip game can be used as a phonics review/warm-up. They can be used for phonics but you could play “Hide the Pip” for anything and everything!
Download the Pips HERE!
Download the letter cards HERE!
Editable letter cards HERE!

FREE! Pip the Pup Builder Mat, Cards, & Response Sheets

Download this amazing hands-on Pip the Pup literacy center or small-group table activity. This freebie includes the mats, word builder cards, and correlating response sheets. The freebie covers the alphabet, CVC words, and digraph words. Download this freebie HERE.


Download my FREE decodables word lists below! Read a detail blog post about the decodable word lists HERE.

If you have any difficulty downloading the freebie, email me at li******************@gm***.com

Science of Reading Aligned Reading Comprehension Passages

Download the Free Reading Comprehension Passages

    Back to School FREE ELA & Math Printables!

    Download a FREE set of INSTANT ELA and math printables! Download the set HERE!
    View a full year of INSTANT ELA and Math printables ON SALE HERE!

    Guided Phonics + Beyond Workbook Covers

    I’m excited to share this freebie that was inspired by a post in our Facebook group. In this free download, you will find workbook covers and dictation paper created and shared by the group member. I always enjoy seeing how you choose to adapt and extend Guided Phonics + Beyond in your classroom.
    Download the covers HERE.
    Download the shared dictation paper HERE.

    Featured Free Download: Desk/Pencil Box Nameplates

    Download this free set of EDITABLE desk nameplates HERE! (This is a zipped file and best downloaded on a computer or a phone IF you have an unzipping app like izip.)

    Please email me at li******************@gm***.com if you have any questions. Unfortunately, at this time I’m unable to make variances to this free download. Thanks!

    FREE Task Card Box Labels

    Download this FREE set of Guided Phonics + Beyond generic task card box labels HERE!

    Alphabet Free Downloads

    Download this NEW set of Guided Phonics + Beyond fluency drill sheets HERE!

    Download a FREE set of gameboards HERE!

    Download the free Alphabet all-in-one strip posters and/or flashcards set. This download would be perfect for your classroom alphabet strip. You can also use them for instructional purposes or print them 4 to 1 page and use them as flashcards. Download the free download HERE.

    Download freebie ABC sort sheets HERE! Two sets of sort sheets included in this free download.

    Download a set of 12 handwriting freebies HERE!

    Download the NEW Guided Phonics + Beyond handwriting notebook HERE!

    Download additional FREE handwriting printables directly below!

    This packet offers 52 alphabet trace cards. These cards can be used in multiple settings: whole-group instruction, small-group instruction, independent literacy center, and/or at-home supplement. Students will say the letter, trace the letter, and then write the letter using a dry-erase marker. The cards can be printed as designed, printed 2 pages to 1 sheet of paper for ½ the size or placed into a dry-erase sleeve.
    Download the freebie alphabet tracing cards HERE!

    NEW FREE DOWNLOAD! Snag this set of 12 write the room alphabet & beginning sound activities. Download the file HERE!

    Science of reading mouth formation alphabet chart free download HERE!

    Alphabet Tracing Books
    Alphabet Mats