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Hey there and so happy to talk all things ‘CVC words’ today! I wanted to get this post out to you because spring (we are close enough right?) is really the time of the year where our young learners gain the confidence in writing AND writing CVC words! We are talking those same kiddos just a few months back came in not knowing their letters or sounds…. those same kiddos are now ready and able to string multiple letters together — making CVC WORDS!

In this post I’ll have LOTS of freebies to share with you so be on the lookout for those! AT the end of the post I will also be giving away an amazing set of magnetic letters (ahem those pictured below).

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Sounds in CVC Words

We will start with thinking about the sounds in our CVC words! Before a student is able to fluently read CVC, words they will need to understand the sounds in the word! The following activity (and freebie), provides support for students working to master those beginning, medial, and final sounds within CVC words!

Free CVC kindergarten

In this activity, students will clip to identify the missing sound.

Free CVC kindergarten

Students will have the opportunity to clip the missing beginning, medial, and final sound.

Are you wanting to print budget friendly? These cards are offered in black & and white to save ink! You can also print the black & white version on color cardstock for a ink friendly alternative. You also have the option to print the cards at a smaller scale to save on ink, paper, and laminate.

Are you ready to download these freebie CVC clip it cards? Grab them by clicking *HERE* or the image below!

Free CVC kindergarten

Blending CVC Words

Up next we will chat about blending CVC words! For a lot of students, they will first see CVC words in two parts. We call this the onset and the rime! The rime is also referred to as a chunk aka word family! Working on CVC words in these two parts is a great jumping off point for young readers!

In this freebie, the students will match the three puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces will be 1) the entire CVC word 2) the onset (beginning sound) and 3) the rime or chunk! After students have matched all three pieces we will ask them to read (blend) the word for us.

You can download these freebie puzzlers by clicking **HERE** or the image below!

Decoding CVC Words

Up next I’ll share an activity that is great for supporting students in decoding CVC words! In this activity, the students will see a clip art image that represents a CVC word. For this activity, the students will have to decode each word on the card until they find the CVC word that matches the clip art image… easy as that!

Free CVC kindergarten

You can have your students clip or cover the correct word! The students will be faced with several similar words. We call these distractors! The distractors will ensure that students are truly decoding each of the words!

Free CVC kindergarten

The search it cards can be printed as black and white on color cardstock as a budget friendly alternative.

The freebie search it decoding CVC cards can be downloaded **HERE** or by clicking on the image below!

Free CVC kindergarten

Writing CVC Words

Up next is a fun and exciting way to practice writing CVC words! In this activity, students will not only *just* write CVC words, but they will be asked to write them with the proper handwriting!

Free CVC kindergarten

Students will spin the spinner to get a CVC word. Then, the students will use the handwriting assistant on the left side as a visual reminder on where their letters fall within the handwriting lines!

These handwriting mats can also be printed as black and white for budget friendly!

Free CVC kindergarten

You can download these freebie CVC handwriting mats by clicking **HERE** or on the image below!

Free CVC kindergarten

Writing CVC words is a BIG deal! Below you can find an additional CVC write freebie! In this freebies, students will write the matching word for the image! Click the image below or **HERE** to download the freebie sheets!

Free CVC kindergarten

Building CVC Words

In this freebie you will have the opportunity to build CVC words in an interactive way! Once you download this freebie powerpoint file you will have access to INTERACTIVE ABC magnets!

Your students will have the opportunity to come up to the board and build words! For example, “John, can you build the word cat for us?” John will be able to come up and pull down the letters c-a-t.

Free CVC kindergarten

You can also download the file onto your iPad! Please note that when downloading this freebie you need to actually download it! After you click the link **HERE** you need to click the white download arrow in the upper right hand corner! This will download the file to PowerPoint! Powerpoint is a free app on the iPad!

Free CVC kindergarten

Assessing CVC Words

With CVC Words it’s important that we keep up with where our students are! Assessing is never really fun but is necessary at times! These freebie CVC assessment sheets combine all the aspects of learning for CVC words: oral listening, word writing, sounds, single CVC word decoding, and simple CVC sentence decoding.

Free CVC kindergarten

You can download these CVC assessment sheets by clicking **HERE** or the image below!

Free CVC kindergarten

CVC Curriculum

CVC words kindergarten

If you have been reading so far and thinking about all things CVC but still fel a little nervous about meeting all the CVC needs in your students then I have the PERFECT program for you! My CVC Curriculum is fully comprehensive and gives you EVERYTHING you need to feel confident in teaching CVC words!

The CVC curriculum is also loved by so many because teachers feel that their current phonics programs just don’t meet their students’ modes of learning.

CVC words kindergarten

The CVC Curriculum offers 10 weeks of engaging and hands-on material for a total of 50 scripted lessons. However, the material can easily be expanded over a longer academic period. The idea of The CVC Curriculum is you can completely transform your phonics teaching with FUN and engaging, yet still rigorous, lessons. The CVC Curriculum is completely comprehensive, so the only thing you’ll need to add in is a few hands-on items/manipulatives!

CVC words kindergarten

What is included in The CVC Curriculum?

  • Detailed lesson plans (5 lessons per week – 50 total)
  • 50 CVC worksheets for practice
  • 50 interactive notebook sheets for daily practice
  • 50 Aligned center mats
  • 10 phonics decodable poems
  • 10 phonics decodable books
  • 10 phonics songs (offered in two versions) **Song tunes HERE**
  • 10 phonics sorts (offered in two versions)
  • CVC (color-coded) word cards
  • Word and sentence pocket chart build cards
  • Phonics decoding strips/cards
  • Phonics “Hot Potato” games
  • Short vowel centers (10 included)
  • Short Vowel Hands-On Tasks (10 included)

The CVC provides opportunity to blend, decode, read, and write CVC words!

On top of the curriculum one of the best parts of the program is ALL the hands-on material you get for your independent centers! Truly EVERYTHING you need to master those CVC words!

You can snag this complete bundle for just $2.50 a week! View the program by clicking **HERE** or on the image below!

CVC words kindergarten

You might also be interested in this brand new packet to my shop! This packet gives you ENDLESS hands-on material for CVC words (and beyond).

CVC words kindergarten

The Word Builders packet offers engaging material to work on CVC, CVCe, blends, and digraphs. This packet offers word building activities to provide hands-on and engaging learning experiences.

The material can be placed into a literacy center and/or guided reading binder for repeated practice and less prep. The skills and activities are offered in a “buffet” style so the teacher can choose the skills and choice of activities in which they want to cover and/or use.

CVC words kindergarten

Again, this packet offers all of those skills we went over that are so important when learning cvc words: blending, decoding, reading, and writing!

CVC words kindergarten

Below is a closer look at JUST the CVC material! This packet will also take you beyond CVC words with also covering CVCe, Blends, and Digraphs!

You can also choose to use this material for intervention or a guided reading warm up! Simply print the sheets, place them into sheet protectors, and BAM!

You can view this Word Builders packet by clicking **HERE** or the image below!

CVC words kindergarten

Thank you so much for joining me today! If you have any questions about these freebies, packets, or CVC words in general please feel free to reach out to me via email at li******************@gm***.com

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