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Backed by Science

Are you in search of a comprehensive curriculum that is rooted in the Science of Reading?

Guided Phonics + Beyond is a thorough curriculum that covers your teacher-led, whole-group, and small-group instruction. The curriculum is explicit and follows a comprehensive scope and sequence. You will find phonemic awareness, word mapping, dictation, word chaining, and decodables in every lesson.

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Science of Reading - Little Minds at Work

Guided Phonics + Beyond includes 6 units. Each unit covers a set of phonics skill. Students will have numerous instructional days to master each unit. Educators will have reassurance that students will experience reading confidence prior to progressing further. Learn more below.

Backed by Science
Alphabet + Sounds

Unit 1 introduces students to a sounds-first approach to learning the alphabet. Students will focus on daily phonological awareness, letter sounds, mouth articulation, and proper formation of letters.

Backed by Science
CVC Words

Unit 2 begins the exciting journey of stringing sounds into words. They will build upon their phonemic awareness base and have daily opportunities to decode, encoding, and write CVC words.

Backed by Science

Unit 3 provides students with additional work in short vowels. Students will progress through initial and final digraphs. The unit then advances to beginning blends and multisyllabic words.

Backed by Science

Unit 4 introduces students to the numerous roles of silent e. Students will code short vowel vs long vowel words. They will continue their learning as soft c/g and y as i is introduced.

Backed by Science

Unit 5 is where we take students even further with the introduction of r-controlled words, ending blends, silent sounds (kn, wr, ph, gn), and schwa. Students will apply the sounds in multisyllabic words.

Backed by Science

Unit 6 provides students with the opportunity to decode, encode, build fluency in, and write words containing vowel teams and diphthongs as well as explore all long vowel patterned words.

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