Unlock Fun & Learning: 25 Free May Downloads!

The end of the school year is near but many of you are still feverishly plugging along. This post will compile 25 free downloads that are great for your May or into June if that matches your school schedule. I’ve put together a collection of hands-on resources tailored for whole-class instruction, small-group activities, and independent learning stations. From interactive centers, decodable books, as well as printables for May. These resources are sure to infuse the month with excitement.

Decodable May Books for Early Readers

Kick off May with a literacy boost using these two free and engaging decodable books. Designed for early readers, they feature phonetically controlled CVC words to boost reading confidence. Ideal for small-group reading sessions, these stories provide educational value and lay a solid foundation for independent reading success as the school year concludes.

This free download provides you with cvc-based decodable books. You will have fiction and nonfiction decodable books. Students will be able to read from the standard fold and flip decodable books, MINI decodables, and all-in-one passages. Access this free download HERE.

Engaging May Centers for Sharpening Skills

In May, hands-on learning takes center stage with these interactive centers. These free resources encompass a range of skills, including math, literacy, and fine motor development. Adaptable and versatile, they will keep every student engaged throughout the month.

Access multiple math and phonics centers that are all May or Summer themed and hands-on. These centers can last for the entire month of May into June providing you with engaging learning for weeks.

We will start with a collection of math centers. These centers will build number sense with numbers through 20. Students can clip, build, match, and roll to color. Click on the images to download.

Coming up next, engaging free downloads designed to target specific skills. First in line is an interactive method for enhancing numbers and number sense. Discover instant sensory bin ideas for May featuring themed cards and recording sheets. Students will also have the opportunity to excel with connecting phonemes to graphemes with word mapping; explore May-themed mapping mats for CVC words, digraphs, blends, and CVCE words. These are also offered in a DIGITAL format.

Science of Reading Aligned May Phonics Centers

Do you utilize connecting phonemes to graphemes through word mapping in your classroom? These free May-themed all-in-on phonics mats will encourage your students to say, tap, map, and write the phonics skill words.

Students will enjoy these engaging May-themed writing strips. You have the option to work on cvc words, digraphs, beginning blends, cvce words, ending blends, r-control words, and vowel variants.

May Printables for Skill Reinforcement

Handling a lively classroom can be challenging, but this set of May printables is designed to assist you. Featuring activities in math and phonics, these worksheets simplify the reinforcement of key skills. Suitable for both group activities and independent study, these versatile and enjoyable printables are a valuable asset for your May teaching resources.

Access INSTANT printable handwriting practice for both letters and numbers below.

BONUS Free Downloads!

End of the Year Free Downloads

Are you ready for the end of the school year? I have compiled a second post just for those free download. You will be able to access this free memory book, review packet ideas, awards, crows, and more. Access the end of the year free downloads HERE.

Thanks so much for downloading the May themed free resources. Reach out with any questions.

Tara West – Little Minds at Work