5 Free Digraphs Free Downloads to Boost Reading and Phonics Skills

digraphs free downloads

Welcome, avid educators and literacy enthusiasts! In the dynamic realm of language instruction, embracing effective teaching methods is crucial. Today, we dive into resources tailored to the Science of Reading – a pedagogical approach that unlocks the secrets of language acquisition. Our focus? Digraphs – But before we delve into the exciting world of free digraph downloads, let’s briefly define what a digraph is. Ready to enhance your teaching toolkit and make learning a symphony of success? Let’s get started!

Digraphs – Defined for Kids

Let’s talk about something super cool – digraphs! Imagine two letters joining forces to make a special sound, like a superhero duo saving the day. That’s a digraph! It’s when two letters stick together, side by side, to create a brand-new sound that you won’t hear when those letters are on their own. So, when ‘c’ and ‘h’ team up in words like “chat” or ‘s’ and ‘h’ create the sound in “ship,” that’s the magical work of digraphs. They’re like the secret sauce of sounds in words! 🚀✨ Ready to explore more about these letter buddies and grab some awesome downloads? Let’s embark on this word adventure together! 📚🔍

5 Digraph Free Downloads – SOR Aligned

These downloads encompass skill-based word lists – on a resourceful ring, engaging dough mats for tactile learning, fluency sheets to enhance engagement, and an array of supplementary materials. BOOKMARK ALERT! If you enjoy today’s 5 free downloads, be sure to also browse my Freebies Library with 50 additional digraphs and blends free downloads HERE.

FREEBIE 1: Digraphs Sound Identification Cards

Listening for parts of words, such as identifying where specific sounds occur within a word, is a crucial skill in phonemic awareness and phonics. In this free download, students will state the picture name and view the given sound. Students will determine if that sound occurs at the beginning – green, middle – yellow, or red – ending of the word.

This free download also includes 3 versions of recording sheets. Embed this activity into your small-group block or provide it as an independent center option.

Digraphs freebie

The above manipulatives are part of the hand2mind Science of Reading Essentials Toolkitaffiliate


These resource rings serve as quick-access tools for digraphs and blend words, allowing you to streamline your teaching and provide targeted support to learners. But that’s not all – this download also opens the gateway to phonics-based high-frequency words. Imagine having a compact, yet powerful, set of tools at your fingertips, ready to enhance your lessons and empower your students on their literacy journey.

You can also choose to print the resource ring cards at a smaller scale. You can see above two sets that are printed 2:1 page.

Digraphs freebie

FREEBIE #3: Digraph Dough Mats

Dough is a versatile and beneficial tool in the classroom for learning due to its multi-sensory nature. The tactile experience of manipulating Dough engages students physically, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Its open-ended nature fosters creativity, allowing students to express themselves while learning. Additionally, the hands-on aspect of using dough makes learning enjoyable and memorable, turning lessons into interactive experiences that cater to diverse learning styles in the classroom.

In this free download, access skill-based dough mats for digraphs and beginning blends. You will also be able to access phonics-based high frequency word dough mats. These mats are separated by decodable and heart words.

Digraphs freebie

You can also print the posters 2 to 1 page in your free Adobe Reader. This allows you to save on paper and laminate.

FREEBIE #4: Digraphs Sound Manipulation Fluency Sheets

Sound manipulation is crucial in the Science of Reading as it forms the basis for phonemic awareness, a foundational skill for literacy. This skill involves recognizing, manipulating, and understanding individual sounds in words, contributing to proficient reading and spelling. It is integral for understanding the alphabetic principle, where letters represent sounds, laying the groundwork for effective decoding and encoding of words. In essence, sound manipulation is a key element in the systematic and explicit approach of the Science of Reading, promoting a deep understanding of the relationships between sounds and letters.

These sheets can be used in small-group, as an independent center, or as in-class practice sheet.

Digraphs freebie

You can also print the fluency sheets 2 to 1 page in your free Adobe Reader. This allows you to save on resources. The picture above on the yellow tray is printed 2:1.

FREEBIE #5: Digraph Flashcards

This is a quick but to the point free download. Access a set of digraphs-based flashcards with sound icons. The sound icons are nonfiction pictures which are highly engaging for learners.

You can use these cards for reviewing. They also work well for sorting sounds. For example, display the /th/ card. Then students will sort the pictures that match the sound – moth, math, path, and thin. If the picture does not have the given sound, students will sort it as such.

Digraphs freebie

In Closing

I appreciate your commitment to advancing literacy instruction with the 5 free digraphs downloads! Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy and fostering a love for reading in your classrom!

Tara West – Little Minds at Work