Winter Kindergarten Resources: Free and Fun Activities for Hands-On Learning

kindergarten winter free activities

As January unfolds, kindergarten teachers are on the lookout for exciting and effective winter resources to keep their little learners actively engaged in the classroom. To make your planning easier, I’ve gathered a treasure trove of hands-on and FREE winter resources, perfect for whole-group instruction, small-group activities, and independent learning centers. From decodable books to interactive centers, crafts, and printables, these resources promise to bring a burst of enthusiasm to your January lesson plans.

groundhog centers

This free download offers not only one but four groundhog-themed math centers. Students will work on number order, counting out matching sets, addition, and subtraction. The free download offers “I can” cards and respond sheets. Access the free download HERE!

Decodable Winter Books for Early Readers


winter themed

Start the year off on a literary note with our selection of free and engaging decodable books. Designed to support early readers, these books are filled with phonetically controlled words to boost reading confidence. Whether you’re reinforcing letter-sound associations or building fluency, these decodable books are perfect for small-group reading sessions. The captivating stories are not only educational but also provide a foundation for independent reading success as the year progresses.

groundhog decodable books

This free download offers not only one but two February-themed CVC decodable books. This free download gives you a nonfiction book for groundhogs and a fiction book with a Valentine’s Day theme. Access the free decodable books HERE!

Access free January themed decodable books. This free download provides you with cvc-based winter decodable books. You will have fiction and nonfiction decodable books. Students will be able to read from the standard fold and flip decodable books, MINI decodables, and all-in-one passages. Access this free download HERE.

kindergarten winter decodable
kindergarten winter decodable
kindergarten winter decodable

Interactive Winter Centers for Skill Sharpening

This free download offers not only one but two polar bear-themed math centers. Students will work on number order and counting out matching sets. The free download offers “I can” cards and respond sheets. Access the free download HERE!

Learning should be hands-on, and our January-themed interactive centers are designed with that principle in mind. These free resources cover a range of skills, from math and literacy to fine motor development. Set up a winter-themed counting center for whole-group exploration, create letter matching games for small-group activities, or establish creative art stations for independent learning. These interactive centers are versatile, adaptable, and sure to capture the attention of every young learner in your classroom.


winter themed

Access multiple math and phonics centers that are all winter themed and hands-on. These centers can last for the entire month of January providing you with engaging learning for weeks.

We will start with a collection of math centers. These centers will build number sense with numbers through 20. Students can clip, build, match, and roll to color. Click on the images to download.

This free download offers not only one but two math centers. Students will work on number order and counting out matching sets. The free download offers “I can” cards and respond sheets. Access the free download HERE!

This free download offers not only one but two math centers. Students will work on number order and counting out matching sets. The free download offers “I can” cards and respond sheets. Access the free download HERE!

Up next, winter free downloads that are engaging and skill-specific. Up first is an engaging and interactive approach to working on positional words. Get an instant sensory bin for January with this math-themed snow globe math center. Students love puzzles and you will have a math option with these self-checking puzzlers.

kindergarten winter math centers

Are your students working on 2D shapes identification? What about matching flat shapes to real-life examples? This free download is winter themed and works on just that. Students will match the snowman shape to real-life shape examples. Access the free download HERE!

chip and swipe snowman PHONICS center

Students will enjoy this critical thinking winter Chip It! Swipe It! center. Students will focus on the beginning, middle, and ending sounds utilizing the color code.

kindergarten winter phonics centers
kindergarten winter phonics centers
  • beginning sound – GREEN
  • medial sound – YELLOW
  • final sound – RED

Look at the first image. Students see the red button which lets them know that they’ll listen for the final sound in fun. What picture matches the same final sound, pet or can? Students cover the image of the can. In this center, you’ll also access a response sheet option and “I can” card. Access the free download HERE.

kindergarten winter phonics centers

Science of Reading Aligned Winter Phonics Centers

Do you utilize the Science of Reading in your classroom? These free winter-themed phonics mats will encourage your students to say, tap, map, and write the phonics skill words.

This free download has multiple uses. First off, it’s completely DIGITAL. You can use these snowman themed slides to build fluency in skill-based words. You can also print the resource and use it for flashcards. I also include blank versions for mapping mats. Access the free resource HERE!

Students will enjoy these engaging snowman match-ups. You have the option to work on beginning sounds and/or cvc words. Do you utilize reader’s theaters as a center option or classroom engagement activity? If not, here’s your chance to start with this free play!

Winter Crafts to Inspire Creativity



Fuel your students’ imaginations with the selection of winter crafts that seamlessly blend fun and learning. From snowman directed drawing activities to build-a-snow pup art projects, these crafts provide an opportunity for creative expression while reinforcing important concepts. Use them for whole-group crafting sessions or set up a craft station for small groups to enjoy during independent learning time. The tactile nature of these crafts makes them a fantastic addition to your January curriculum.

winter directed drawing

This free download offers not only a directed drawing but several academic based sheets. You’ll be able to access writing templates, label sheet, and versions with the directed drawing steps directly embedded. Access the free download HERE!

Are your students fans of Pip the Pup? If so, the following crafts will be quick favorites. Access a free and engaging build-a-snow Pip and Pip the Pup winter coloring pages.

Winter Printables for Skill Reinforcement



Balancing the demands of a busy classroom can be challenging, which is why the following collection of printables is here to make your life easier. These worksheets cover a variety of topics, from math to language arts, providing a convenient way to reinforce key skills. Use them for whole-group instruction, distribute them during small-group time, or set them up as independent learning centers. Versatile and engaging, these printables are a valuable addition to your January resource toolkit.

free kindergarten winter activities

This free resource offers 75 phonics and math INSTANT printables. These sheets can be used for whole-group learning or centers. The sheets cover alphabet and sounds, cvc words, digraphs, beginning blends, double consonant endings, cvce words, and counting sets to 20. ACCESS THE FREE FILE HERE!

kindergarten winter phonics science of reading

Access INSTANT printable practice for high frequency words and handwriting practice for both letters and numbers below.

kindergarten winter phonics science of reading

This free download offers you with writing support that is winter themed and still skill-based. The sheets offer skill practice for beginning sounds, cvc words, and digraphs/beginning blends. Access the 15 free labeling sheets HERE!

Ringing in the New Year Resources

As you usher in the new year with your kindergarten class, make learning a January jamboree with these free and engaging resources. Whether you’re looking to captivate the whole group, facilitate small-group activities, or foster independent learning, our selection of decodable books, interactive centers, crafts, and printables has you covered. Download, print, and watch as your classroom comes alive with the joy of discovery and the excitement of hands-on learning throughout the month of January. Here’s to a month filled with education, enthusiasm, and endless possibilities!

free kindergarten winter activities

Thanks so much for downloading my winter themed free resources. Reach out with any questions.

Tara West – Little Minds at Work