Leap into Learning: Celebrate Leap Day with Free Downloads

kindergarten leap day activities

As Leap Day approaches, we have a golden opportunity to make this extra-special day even more memorable for our little learners. This special day only comes around once every four years, so let’s seize the moment and turn it into an educational extravaganza for our classrooms! To make the celebration extra hoppy, I’m excited to share a collection of free downloadable resources tailored for kindergarten teachers. Get ready to dive into the world of frogs, phonics, and math with these ten frog-themed learning centers, a delightful frog-directed drawing, and an assortment of Leap Day goodies featuring Pip the Pup.

Leap Day Directed Drawing

Foster creativity and fine motor skills with a leap day-inspired frog directed drawing activity. Your students will love bringing their own unique frog creations to life on paper. It’s a fantastic way to infuse art into the Leap Day festivities! Download the directed drawing here!

kindergarten leap day activities
kindergarten leap day activities
kindergarten leap day activities
kindergarten leap day activities

Leap Day Phonics and Math Centers

Dive into the delightful world of frogs with these ten engaging learning centers. Each center is designed to enhance phonics and math skills while keeping the froggy theme alive. From lily pad word matching to froggy subitizing, your students will leap into learning in a fun and interactive way.

Explore various math and phonics centers with a froggy twist, offering hands-on activities. Enjoy these engaging learning opportunities throughout the month of February and into spring, providing weeks of educational fun.

Begin your journey with a set of math centers designed to enhance number sense up to 20. Students will have the chance to engage in activities such as clipping, building, matching, and tweezing to add a colorful Leap Day touch to their learning experience. Download the free phonics and math centers here.

kindergarten leap day activities

Pip the Pup Inspired Pack

Bring the beloved Pip the Pup into your Leap Day celebration with this special pack. It includes a read-aloud book, crowns, and certificates, all inspired by Pip’s adventures. Make the day even more memorable with these adorable and customizable goodies. Access the free download HERE!

kindergarten free leap day activities
Free Kindergarten Leap Day

How to Use the Resources:

  • Learning Centers: Print and set up the learning centers in your classroom. Allow students to rotate through the frog-themed activities, reinforcing both phonics and math skills in an enjoyable way.
  • Directed Drawing: Set aside some time for the frog directed drawing session. Encourage creativity and self-expression as students create their own unique frogs.
  • Pip the Pup Pack: Incorporate the Pip the Pup pack into your Leap Day celebration. Read the book aloud, let students create and wear Leap Day crowns, and present them with Leap Day certificates to commemorate the day.
free kindergarten leap day

This Leap Day, let’s make a splash in our classrooms by combining learning and fun. The free downloads provided are sure to make this Leap Year a memorable day for both you and your students. So, gear up, hop into the festivities, and let the leap-year excitement begin!

Happy Leaping!

Tara West – Little Minds at Work