A Binder of Literacy Centers {with a free sample!}

Hey there!  I hope you are enjoying your start to spring!  Spring makes me think ….summer! 😉  Today I am sharing with you all about my new packet… a Binder of Literacy Centers!  This binder came to my mind after spending way too much time ensuring my literacy centers were differentiated!  Not that the differentiation wasn’t worth it… I just needed to find a way to make it a lot quicker to get activities into my students’ hands that would be at their level and still engaging!

Before I go into more of the binder I wanted to share real quick how I run my independent time!  I pair guided reading groups with The Daily Five!  So, as I pull reading groups my students are working on their daily fives {independently}.  I have modified it slightly so let me explain… I have students listening to read {computer interactive files + portable cd players for listen to read books}, work on writing folders, read to self, explore tubs, and finally work work tubs!  I have three word work tubs {pink, green, blue}.  Before dismissing my students to their word work tub I have a small colored dot on their picture that lets them know what colored basket to grab!  Within that basket are activities they will work on time for that rotation.  I like to keep 4-5 highly engaging activities in there! At the beginning of the year most students are starting at about the same place.  However, as the year progresses the students’ ability levels start to differ and at this time of the year there can be a large gap.  I feel it’s important for me to keep activities in there that aren’t too hard, but equally that aren’t too easy!  Now I am placing a binder in each basket and only 1-2 additional activities!  So, you can see that’s a lot less prep for me!

Because I have a word work basket for below, on, and above levels I place the activities within each binder that are suitable for those students!  If my above students are still struggling with special sounds they might have blends, CVCe words, and digraphs.  My below level binder might have alphabet. rhyming, and beginning sounds!  You can see below the “master binder” along with some samples of the activities!

As I mentioned above… the first thing I set up was the “master binder.”  This is where all the original files are kept within sheet protectors. I also tabbed each skill area for quick access!

After setting up the master binder I set up my three leveled binders!  I simply chose pages from my master binder and snapped them into the leveled binder!  Once the students master those pages I’ll transfer them back over to the master binder and grab a few more pages!  Along with the leveled binders I also collected a few supplies that the kiddos would need!  That was magnetic letters, dry erase marker, clear bingo chips, dot cube, spinner, and play-doh!  None of these are required and can be swapped out for a different item you already have on hand!  These centers are essentially NO PREP as you just print, place into sheet protectors, and that’s it!

Below you can take a closer look at the activities included within the binder!  This isn’t all of the activities but will give you a better idea!  Also, the binder will be getting an additional 40+ centers added to it before the 2016-2017 school year!  Once you own the packet you’ll own any future updates as well!.

What’s so great about the packet is how versatile it is!  You can essentially choose how you wish to use it!  You can use it for literacy centers as described above or use for intervention groups, guided reading groups, or even use as a teaching took for a classroom helper!  Alright, now for the good stuff!  You can sang this incredible 600+ page packet for a special “buy in” price of $15!

You can also download a 25 page free sample!  If you own the packet you’ll want to download as well as these are all new from what’s in the packet!  🙂  You can snag the freebie by clicking below!

You can check out the packet on TPT by clicking below!  Have a great week!


  1. I love how you differentiated this! My class is all over the place int their levels this year so this will work! I can't wait to get started setting it up. The explanation on here helped a lot. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to try this! I love the price as well! I had one question, I see you have your kids use expo markers for some of the activities. I have tried having my kids use expo markers on page protectors and laminated paper but it does not erase easily. They end up having to use a Clorox/baby wipe then a paper towel to try it so the next person can use it. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hey there! I have had that happen if using off brand markers, colored markers, or those more “matte” finish sheet protectors! Once I found the correct brand I liked then I didn’t have any more issues 😀

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