ABC Countdown to Summer Fun

Hi friends! Sorry it’s been so long!  I came down with another sore throat/fever.  It seems when I am sick if I can just make it through the school day I am doing good! 🙂 
Anyway, a month or so ago I purchased a product called ABC Countdown to Summer.  Not to give away the whole idea behind the packet…but in a nut shell you celebrate the last 26 days of school by going through the Alphabet A-Z.  Today we celebrated the letter “B” and had Beach Day!

I hit up the Dollar Tree for all kinds of beach day fun!  The kids all got a lei, a flamingo straw, fun plastic clapper toy, and a special snack!  We also had a pet flamingo for the day!

Also, the kids took home their plant pals today!  They had a lot of fun watching the grass seed “hair” grow steadily throughout the week! 

Click below to check out the awesome packet, listed by Live Laugh Love Kindergarten!

I promise to be back soon!  Have an awesome weekend!


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