All About KinderMath Curriculum

So, let’s run out a little scenario… You set down to do your lesson planning for the week.  You open up your “big box curriculum” math teacher’s manual and you turn to the lesson you will be teaching next week.  You read through the lesson from the beginning to the end.  Then, you pause.  You read it again. Pause. {Scratch your head a little}. Then you let out the biggest sigh!  Do you know why the big box math curriculums leave you scratching your head?  Well I have some opinions on that but basically for one big reason – – they are NOT teachers!  You see I was that teacher… the one reading through the math lesson two or three times in then letting out the biggest sigh!  Here were some things I couldn’t get past….

1) The lessons were NOT appropriate for my students.  Now there is a big range of what is “appropriate.”   Possibly the lessons were too easy or possibly the lessons were too hard {but that wasn’t very often}. 

2) The lessons were too short!  Most of the lessons in my big box math curriculum are way to short!  My math block is 60 minutes.  Nowhere in my math book can I find where they state how long the lesson should take me, but clearly it’s not filling in a 60 minute math block.

3) The lessons/games are boring!  Yeah, I know I sound just like a kindergartner…but if my students are bored out of their gourd there is no way I will be able to keep them attentive and on task!

And I could clearly go on but you get the point and most likely have been there!  If you are lucky and  don’t have a big box math curriculum then you might be on the other side of this were are you LONGING for a program that can just lessen the burden of planning math for your students each week.  It’s not that you can’t do it or you don’t have the knowledge for it… but you start to wonder if there is “anything else” your kids could or should be doing!

So, I completely rambled and you’re wondering what exactly you are doing here, right?  Well, teacher friends I hope to be able to fix all of those *cough* problems I mentioned above!  If I am passionate about anything it is the love, tears, sleepless nights, etc I put into my curriculum programs and I am so excited to share with you my latest baby {literally}, KinderMath!

So, it sounds like you just opened the flood gates to my mathematical heart….What is KinderMath?

KinderMath is currently a 35 week COMPLETE math curriculum!  I say 35 weeks as I hope to eventually add on some additional supplemental units!  I say COMPLETE math curriculum because I am thorough!  The point I want to get away from with curriculum is where the teacher has to go “supplement” for her curriculum. No. That is not okay!  No supplementing with my program!  The teacher scripted lesson plans are there along with; worksheets, hands-on cards, assessments, standards list, etc etc etc!  It really is the whole bag of chips AND dip….along with extra refills {for free}! HA!

Let’s get more into the program!

KinderMath units are teacher created, kid-tested, and most importantly kid-approved!  KinderMath takes away the monotonous way of teaching math where students sit and listen to the teacher TEACH math.  Instead, KinderMath encourages guidance from the teacher while the students TEACH and LEARN math through hands-on and engaging math activities with their partners.  KinderMath units are made up of 10 instructional days each unit but can be adjusted to fit your classroom needs.  The units include a pre and post test as a way to ensure student growth over the unit.  The units also include MORE than enough material for each day’s lesson.  No more hunting down additional material to “supplement” your lesson!  These are just a few highlights you will see using  the KinderMath units; kids talking about math, kids using manipulatives, activities that are fun + engaging, and learning that requires critical thinking!  I get a lot of questions from teachers that are needing a researched-based math program to show their adminstators.  Yes, KinderMath is a researched based program.  I have used researched from multiple avenues but two of the largest being The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the research from math guru John A. Van de Walle.

KinderMath lessons will easily fill a 60 minute block of math time, but could be adjusted to fit more or less time easily.  The lessons are broken down into these main sections {whole-group number sense lesson, collaborative number sense AKA partner work, whole-group fluency, whole-group math lesson, collaborative lesson follow-up AKA partner work, and independent practice AKA worksheet}.  The units will also include any and all cards needed to make the lessons successful!  You will just need to provide the manipulatives like teddy bears or snap cubes!

What is Included in KinderMath?

-Teacher “simple read” lesson plans.  You will not need to rewrite these lesson plans unless you choose to!  If so I have included editable lesson plans.

-Each week I have planned out the; big idea, focus standards, vocabulary, checks for understanding, critical thinking starters, and material/prep list for each lesson.

-Pre and post test included
Below is a snapshop of the unit one table of contents {you’ll see this page in each of the units with clickable links} and the KinderMath Scope and Sequence!

Below is a closer look at the scope and sequence of KinderMath!  Again, I hope to add some additional units including a exploitative unit to be used at the beginning of the year!

Below is a closer look at what is included within each unit!

I described it above but it might be a little easier when looking at a lesson to understand what what all I can squeeze onto one sheet of paper!  The left side of the lesson plan will be all of that “stuff” we as teachers usually have to gather on our own –  no problem I got you covered!

Within each unit you will also have editable lesson plans and a detailed list of standard!

Here is a look at how I’ve organized my unit easily within a 3-ring binder!  I place the lesson and its corresponding practice sheets, material, etc in one sheet protector!  That way I can simply snap it out of the binder, teacher with it in hand, and then place it back into the binder!

In the picture below you can see one of the “game” templates and one of the math talk photos!  Math talks are HUGE in this curriculum and you can print them out or if you have an interactive whiteboard you can simply display them up there!
Another well kept secret of KinderMath is its way to integrate literature into the math units!  Now don’t fret if you don’t have the texts that are listed in the lesson.  The texts are always optional and I have included video links and/or a math talk images that will be just as beneficial!

The image below shows how I have one of the texts under my document camera for all students to be able to see and interact with.  {You guys this book is the BEST!}

Let’s talk a little about the resources within KinderMath!  As I mentioned above I did not want you to have to track down anything to go along with the lessons so I have included it all!  If you need a template for a game…it’s there!

Guess My Number

Five Frames

Just add dice and teddy bears and you’re set!

The units integrate A LOT of number writing!  Number writing is something my “big box” curriculum lacked in!  The kids WILL know how to write their numbers when completing KinderMath!

KinderMath uses five and ten frames daily!  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics says they cannot stress enough the importance of students knowing their combinations to five and ultimately combinations of 10 by the end of kindergarten!

Now we will take a closer look at some of the games, practice sheets, and hands-on math talks that occur in KinderMath!

In KinderMath the kiddos will be playing daily “games!”  The best part is that they have no clue that they are learning…sneaky sneaky!  Below is a number sense roll and write activity!

In KinderMath the kids will be CONSTANTLY working with their math partner.  The students build a bond with their partner and eventually a math-talk relationship.  This means they become comfortable enough with their partner to encourage them during the highs and “challenge” them when their mathematical reasoning doesn’t quite match up!

In KinderMath we bring in a lot of real-life objects.  After all we see and use math everyday in our lives so why not bring it into the lesson?

In KinderMath we play LOTS of “card” games!

In KinderMath we take objects and can talk, talk, talk all about them using our mathematical vocabulary!  

In KinderMath we build fluency!  Each day the students will build fluency during your whole-group flueny lesson and you can then choose to have them complete a QUICK fluency sheet!

In KinderMath we compose and decompose word problems early on {but we don’t use those tricky math symbols until much later}.

In KinderMath we take time for independent practice daily!

In KinderMath we think critically!

In KinderMath our teacher reads us books!

In KinderMath our teacher lets us draw….wait whhhhaaaat?!
In KinderMath we use  tricky spinners HA!

In KinderMath we get to get up and MOVE about!

In KinderMath we challenge our partners and hold them accountable!

In KinderMath we get LOUD and SHARE!

And….in KinderMath we impress our teacher EVERYDAY!

Are you ready to take math your math
block with fun, excitement, and so much learning you won’t be able to contain
your teacher joy?  Then, you can take a look at KinderMath!  Feel free to download this freebie lesson HERE to take a closer look at KinderMath or click the image below!

KinderMath is currently on sale for a ridiculous savings of $100!  The bundle is still growing with units being added so I have the bundle priced at $50 verses the $150 once finished! However, I am also taking an additional $10 off the bundle as I believe in the units and would be so tickled for you to start them in your classroom!  So, through Monday, January 11th the bundle will be $40!  You can click on the image to view it over on TPT!


  1. I own KinderMath and love it! I love the games, partner work and fluency work. It is so creative!!! My kids also love using it! They think that the show and tell is the best game ever! (they play it with each other during free time) Thank you so much, Tara!! I am never ever disappointed with any of my purchases from you!

  2. I bought this unit before I saw this post about it. I wasn't sure how to use it and how to organize it. Now I want to down load it and take it to a copy center and get it printed so I can organize it like you did and use it instead of the "big box curriculum".
    I am curious though, I noticed that there is time and money in your kit. But that is not part of the Kindergarten core. Do you do that as an extra at the end of the year or do it just because?!
    Thank you for all your heard work! It shows how much your love teaching and your students by how hard you work to create meaningful lessons and content that goes along with the core! I wish I could teach with you! Would you be willing to come and do a PD for me?!

  3. Hi Tara! I am so glad you created a math series as I love your literacy series. I bought the Kinder Math bundle awhile back and am enjoying using it in my classroom. If you ever have time (ha, I know you are a super busy lady!), I would love to see a video of a Kinder Math lesson in action, especially how you transition between the different lesson segments. I have a very short math block (about an hour to do calendar, journal, lesson, and a small group/math station round) that is often interrupted and would love any insight a video might could offer. Thank you!

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  5. Hi Tara – I’m enjoying your Kindermath Curriculum! My kids are doing really well! I’m on Lesson 6.3 and I don’t really understand how the combinations to 10 mini ten frame game works. After each child draws two cards and can’t make a combination to 10 – what do you mean that those cards are left? The child leaves them in front of them and keeps adding? Do they ever put them at the bottom of the stack? Thanks!

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