All About Numbers! {freebie too}

Hi there!  Today I am popping in to share with you about my ENDLESS numbers bundle!   This bundle works on the skill of numbers 1-20.  The bundle will also not be just practice sheets, but mainly hands-on activities the kiddos can use during math centers or back at your intervention table!  But first let’s look at some fun and cheap number games your kiddos can play!

Up first…for this hands-on activity you’ll just need some muffin liners, muffin pan, pom-poms {or other manipulative}, and fine motor tweezers!  The kiddos will work on one-to-one counting by counting out the correct number of pom-poms!  If you are very early in the year you could color 2 circles, 3 circles, etc…that way the kiddos are not relying on identifying the number.

Ten frames, ten frames, ten frames!  They are a proven way for kiddos to “get” numbers!  I used to only pull out my ten frames when we went to teen numbers…nope not any more!  We use our ten frames from the get-go!  You can snag these cards and ten frames HERE!

How about a little bean spill?  For this activity the kiddos use the number cards and fill the empty water bottle or bowl with the correct number of beans!  Easy, cheap, and effective!

At the beginning of the year we are doing a lot of exploring with manipulatives so you can pull out the number cards and have kiddos pull out that many!  Again, at the start of the year your kiddos might not be able to identify the numbers so you can give the kiddos dot cards or ten frames to count and then pull out that many to match!

Alright, let’s talk a little about that ENDLESS numbers mega bundle!  The bundle currently has 25 packets in but will grow and GROW!  Here is a look at what’s included!

Sort the Deck:Number Sense Edition!

Roll and Cover!  {love this doggy!}

Number Clip it!

Number dough mats!

Number dip and dot mats

Number Rainbow Write

Number search and circle!


Number spin and color!  There are also two versions of this included the second version is a spin and color one more or one less!


Mini staple number books – LOVE THESE and can’t wait to use these!


Number dab it!


Numbers search and circle!

Numbers roll and crash!


Number sense caterpillars

Here is another look at what is currently included!

The bundle has $70 of packets within it and is currently discounted at a special “buy in” price of $25! 🙂  You can check it out by clicking below!

Have a SPLENDID day! 🙂


  1. You've done it again! I went to an all day math workshop and the reference book they bought us was around $35. Your packet would've been much better! I'm off to buy it now. Thank you Tara for another great product! ~Amy, Year Round K teacher

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