All Things Shapes!

Thanks so much for joining me today to talk SHAPES! I recently released a curriculum specifically for teaching SHAPES. Teaching shapes is one of those skills that really relies on SYSTEMATIC routines, games, and just basic exposure! The new Shapes Curriculum offers just that… SYSTEMATIC learning for 10 flat shapes and 5 three dimensional shapes!

What shapes are covered?

Rhombus or Diamond
Rectangular Prism

The shapes curriculum offers you ease in teaching and quick implementation! You will have all of the same routines/chants/songs/centers for each shape! You won’t need to spend your time searching around the internet for material because everything will be in one spot! Let’s chat and see what all is included!

  • Detailed lesson plans (1 lesson per shape – 10 total)
  • Songs/poems for each letter (1 per shape)
  • Shape teacher mentor texts (1 per shape)
  • Shape chant posters (1 per shape)
  • Shapes mini booklets (1 per shape)
  • Aligned center mats (1 per shape)
  • Interactive notebook activities (1 per shape)
  • Shapes centers (10 included)
  • Shapes Hands-On Tasks (10 included)
  • Handwriting Tasks (10 included)
  • Handwriting helpers
  • Shapes poster
  • Shapes assessment

One of the favorite parts of my new curriculum programs are the custom books! This program includes those too! You’ll get 15 custom books! Take a sneak peek of the books below!

The program includes those 10 centers! These centers are hands-on and quick preps!

Center #1: Discrimination Cards
Center #2: Discrimination Cards (Real life shapes)
Center #3: Cover-It Boards
Center #4: Cover-It Boards (Real life shapes)
Center #5: Linking Cards
Center #6: Pattern Block Mats
Center #7: Tracing Cards
Center #8: Read, Build, Write Mats
Center #9: Sort Mats
Center #10: Cover to Build Mats

The program includes those 10 hands-on tasks! These tasks are hands-on and quick preps!

Hands-On Task #1: Fuzzy Shape Mats
Hands-On Task #2: Building Block Shapes
Hands-On Task #3: Linking Chain Shapes
Hands-On Task #4: Fine Motor Cards
Hands-On Task #5: Dabber Mats
Hands-On Task #6: Push Pin Shape Mats
Hands-On Task #7: Building Shape Numbers
Hands-On Task #8: Mini Block Shape Cards
Hands-On Task #9: Highway Shape Cards
Hands-On Task #17: Geoboard Shape Cards

The program includes 10 handwriting tasks!

Also included in the program is a shapes assessment!

You can view the program * * HERE * * !

Thanks so much and have an excellent end to your week!
XO- Tara


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