And the randnom-ness begins!

So…… this post is so overdue that it’s became the biggest random pot of craziness!  It’s filled with great ideas and intentions…that have now ran astray!  Sorry about that. Anyway, bear with me and hopefully you will get something USEFUL from all of this! 🙂
First up…..100th day!  Our 100th day was moved a couple times due to the yucky weather!  So, once it got here it ended up being the same day as our Valentine’s party!  Double fun!
The kiddos brought in 100th day projects!

During writing we wrote stories about when we are 100 years old!  They were SO cute!
Grab this writing paper as a freebie below!

I will stay home and watch TV.  And I will stay in bed and sleep.  And I will have lots of children.  And I will be slow. {HA!}

I will ride a bike and run over people on accident. {Watch out!!} 

I will have a moped and sit and watch TV.  {Sounds like a plan!}

We also celebrated the 100th day with the infamous 100 pieces of snack!  We have also worked really hard on counting by tens so took that over to our snack mat!  This mat is a freebie that you can grab below!

The kiddos also colored their 100th day certificates!  These come from my 100th day packet below!

And because the week just couldn’t have included 100th day OR Valentine’s Day they both fell perfectly in the same week….HA!  Here’s a couple of snap shots of our bags!

Okay…so you are ready for the random right?!  Well over our million I mean a week long snow break I updated several of my packets!  Now some of them are font updates, just overall they look much better!  Some of them have had more work then others!  If you own any of these packets…go download the updates!!!  If you are not sure you own it or not, click the packet and it should say “download now” if you own it…like this!

Also, if you own this bundle of addition and subtraction problems you will want to get the latest update!  I’ve added 5 brand new packets to the bundle!



Later gators!  Up next?  Getting up close and personal with close reads!

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