August Giveaways!

I am excited to announce the winner of my first August giveaway!  The lucky winner is receiving $100 spending credit in my TpT store.

and the winner is……

Now to week #2 giveaway!

I really love my Number Wonders resource book that I wanted to offer one to you during my week 2 giveaway!  We can never get too many ideas for math 🙂

This giveaway goes from Sunday, August 4th – Saturday, August 10th!
and check out this great savings for those of you transitioning to the Common Core!

Purchase a Common Core supplement curriculum bundle and receive $20 spending credit in my TpT store!  Each purchased bundle is $20 in credit…purchase one and get $20, purchase both and it is $40 in credit!
All you need to do is send me an email to ta******@ho*****.com.  Be sure to give me your Teachers Pay Teachers username, date of purchase, and the items you would like!

Kindergarten Common Core ELA Supplement Curriculum {30 activities and 1500+pages}
Products in the Bundle:

Kindergarten Common Core Supplement Curriculum {33 activities and 1200+pages}
Products in the Bundle:
1. Number Practice Sheets 1-20 Part 1 
2. Number Practice Sheets 1-20 Part 2 
3. Number Practice Sheets 1-20 Part 3 
4. Tally Marks Practice Sheets & Classroom Posters
5. Dot Cards & Practice Sheets
6. Whoo Comes Next Math Center Activity
7. Ten Frame Classroom Posters 1-20
8. Prove Your Answer: How Many?
9. Prove Your Answer: Which is More? 
10. Subtraction Practice w/ Manipulatives
11. Addition Practice w/ Manipulatives 
12. Subtraction Story Problems 
13. Addition & Subtraction Story Problems Super Pack #1 
14. Addition & Subtraction Story Problems Super Pack #2 
15. Kindergarten Timed Tests 
16. Number Bond Practice Sheets 
17. Number Bond Cards 
18. Number Bond Story Problems 
19. Place Value Word Problems 
20. Place Value Unit 
21. Gone Buggy! Place Value Math Center Game 
22. Prove Your Answer: Place Value 
23. Analyzing Graphs 
24. 3D Shapes mini unit 
25. 2D Shapes mini unit 
26. Sort, Graph, Tally 
27.Number Sense Classroom Resources
28.Common Core Math Quick Assessments
29.Math Centers Super Pack #1
30.Math Centers Super Pack #2
31.Common Core Math Questioning Jar
32.Common Core Vocabulary List & Cards
33.Common Core Aligned Math Snack Mats

Have a great ending to your weekend! 🙂


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