Back to School Blues SALE {freebies too}

So… I LOVE summers!  Although, every summer I pick up the worst habit of staying up late and sleeping late the next day…it’s a cycle!  So, I am back to the days were my mom would make me go to bed early to “prepare” for back to school.  Well, I think I’ll start that new routine tomorrow! 😉 HA!  You could say I have a slight case of the back to school blues, but I know it will come and go and before I know it will be summer once again.. {Yeah, I’m trying mind tricks}.

I am teaming up with a group of wonderful gals from Freebielicious to throw a little back to school blues sale!  If you have wishlisted a few goodies this summer now is the time to grab them for a discount!  You will also have a little time to prepare those goodies before your little ones come!

Below I will share a few packets that are life-savers for your classroom!  The first up, is my ENDLESS guided reading mega bundle!  I hope had a chance to view my virtual guided reading presentation this summer!  If not you click view is HERE!

The mega bundle is bursting out the seams!  The  bundle has well over 2000+ pages. Included in the mega bundle you will find 28 weeks of EXPLICIT guided reading step by step plans.  This means you’ll get the lesson plans, books, poems, writing templates, and more!  Even better is that the easy readers are differentiated with an on, above, and below version.  If you are unsure if these plans will work for you I can always send you a sample!  Shoot me an email to ta******@ho*****.com!  Below is a look at the plans, poems, and easy readers!  If the plans do not work for your classroom perfectly you can easily edit them with the editable version of the plans which are included.

Another great activity included in the bundle are my writing strips!  These are easy to implement and carry so many benefits!

 However, one of the best features is that it’s endless!  This means ANYTHING and EVERYTHING new I make for guided reading goes into that bundle.  If you own that bundle you snag it for free!  For example, I just posted the packet below…all bundle owners grabbed it free of charge…score!

I get a lot of questions from those that own a few of the packets, but would like in on the mega bundle…no big deal- just email me at ta******@ho*****.com! Interested in snagging the mega bundle 20% off?  Click below!

Another great must-have for the new year would be my new phonics program, KinderPhonics!  This is the first unit with units two and three to come soon! KinderPhonics is teacher created for teachers!  This phonics curriculum is made up of three units; Letters A-Z, Sounds to Words, and Words to Sentences.  The program is well thought out and does no ask for unrealistic measures from the teachers or the students.  The program is flexible and can work in place of or with your current phonics curriculum.  A brief description of each unit is included below.

Unit One: A brief introduction to the alphabet.  This unit dedicates on day per letter.  Phonemic awareness skills covered in Unit One:  rhyming, syllables, and single sounds..all covered under the RF.K.2 Common Core State Standard.

Unit Two: A review of the alphabet with a focus on handwriting and letter sounds.  Two are dedicated per letter with a review day at the end of the week.

Unit Three:  An introduction of more rigorous phonics skills.  Dedicated one “week” per skill.  

Below you will find a few snapshots of the resources found in unit one!


If you would like to grab KinderPhonics on sale you can click below!


And now for a couple of additional packets you might like!

Below is my newly revised Problem of the Day packets…also known as Common Core questioning jars!  The packets have been completely updated with an option to make them interactive using math journals!

Also, all close reads are on sale!  If you are ready to see an awesome shift in your classroom…try close reads!

I have also posted a couple freebies you might just need for your back to school season!  Click below to grab them!



Click below to shop my entire store!


Have a great week friends!

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