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Hey there teacher besties! Today I am sharing all about my digital games! First off, over the past year we had the need for digital games for all the reasons we never thought we’d ever experience (boo). However, as teachers always do, you adapted and made the best of the “digital times”. A lot of teachers found that there were actually some positives to using digital activities. All of my digital activities are pre-loaded to both Google Slides and Seesaw. What does pre-loaded mean? This means that the games are already loaded and hosted by me. All you have to do is one CLICK and the games are saved in your Google Drive or your Seesaw library.

Not only can digital games be used on handheld devices, classroom computers, or at home with students, but they can also be used for in-class settings! If you have any type of interactive whiteboard or smartboard you can use these games for your instruction! Both Seesaw and Google offer web versions (aka you do NOT need an app). You simply pull them up on the screen like any other website. This teacher uses a neat wireless interactive whiteboard in which she’s uses my INSTANT Alphabet slides with!

Digital Games [free downloads]

Let’s discuss a bit more about my INSTANT Digital games! First off, I have A LOT of digital games! Each set is 100% unique with no overlap between them! I have skill-specific game packets. I also have fun themed game packets or packets that offer a variety of skills to cover you for the year! I want to offer you an opportunity to download free games! This will give you a chance to try out the digital games with your students! I have two freebies sets to share with you today!

Digital Back to School Games (Download this freebie HERE.) In this set, I have 2 freebie digital games for you! Letter misconception sorts and color matching. These games are pre-loaded to Seesaw and Google! Again, you can use the web version of Seesaw as well!

Up next is another awesome digital freebie that is great for back to school! In this free download, grab 8 alphabet digital games! Download this freebie HERE.

Check out the games in action below! Again, these can be played on a device or on a computer!

Digital Game Bundles

What are the INSTANT Digital Games?

The INSTANT Digital Games are preloaded to Seesaw and Google™ Slides. These games can be assigned to your students for independent practice, virtual lesson follow-up, assessment, as an independent literacy center option, independent math center option, homework, early finishers, etc. See the detailed list of skills covered in this packet below.

To access the INSTANT Digital Games, scroll to the platform of choice and click the thumbnails. The INSTANT Digital Games are hyperlinked within the document. To access the Seesaw games, click the thumbnails and the activity will be added to your library. To setup a Seesaw account click HERE. To access the Google™ Slides activities, click the thumbnails and select “make a copy” for the activity to automatically save in your Google Drive ™. For MS Teams, open the Google Slides activities, click file, download, choose PowerPoint.

What is included?

This packet contains 275 INSTANT slide decks loaded to SEESAW and GOOGLE SLIDES! (see FAQ below for additional platforms.) Each slide deck has 10-20 slides included!

Seesaw games have typed instruction, video demo, and recorded directions to assist students in distance learning! Google Slide games have audio directions included as well on the starter slide deck!

What skills are included?

  • Alphabet **56 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Letter Misconceptions **8 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Syllables **8 DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Sounds **16 DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Word Families **10 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Sentences **9 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Digraphs/Blends **8 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Numbers/Subitizing 0-20 **48 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Counting **16 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Shapes/Patterns **16 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Measurement **8 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Comparing **9 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Place Value to 20 **10 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Addition **10 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**
  • Subtraction **8 SLIDE DECKS INCLUDED NOW**

What are the INSTANT Digital Games PART 2?

  • Writing Prompts [animals, things, places, actions, fall, winter, spring, summer] 
  • Grammar [nouns, verbs, adjectives, punctuation, w words, contractions] 
  • Phonemic Awareness [rhyming, adding/deleting sounds, word ladders] 
  • Alphabet [identify and alphabetical order] 
  • Beginning Sounds [consonants, blends, and digraphs] 
  • CVC words [word families, read/match, identify, sort vowel] 
  • Word Building [cvc, cvce, blends, digraphs] 
  • CVC and CVCE Mixed [build, type, sort, silent e] 
  • Sentences [read, build, comprehend] 
  • Final Sounds [consonants, blends, and digraphs] 
  • Sight Words [Pre-Primer, Primer, First Grade] 
  • Medial Sounds [single vowels and vowel teams] 
  • Reading and decoding [words, sentences, passages] 
  • Advanced ELA [diphthongs, r-controlled, inflectional/double endings, compound words] 

Digital Skill-Based Games

I also have several skill-based digital game packets! These are great for in-class learning and independent learning! The INSTANT Alphabet Slides offer 26 slide decks. All slide decks are pre-loaded to Seesaw and Google!

I also have the same type of digital games for numbers to 20! Each number comes with its own digital slide deck!

Thematic Digital Games

I also have several thematic-based digital games! These are great to match the current theme/holiday that you’re covering! Click the covers below to access the games!

Skill-Based Digital Mini Packets

I also have several small digital mini packets! These are skill-specific so that you can hone in on that particular need for your students! You can click the images below to access!

Digital Games Grade Levels

What grade level is this best suited for?

As always, my packets can reach from a grade level below and a grade level above the targeted audience. This packet will be best aligned for a kindergarten classroom. However, there will be plenty of slides for a preschool classroom (alphabet, rhyming, syllables, sounds, word families, numbers, counting, shapes, measurement) and for a first grade classroom doing a review/refresher of such skills!

View all of my Digital Jumpstart games **HERE**

Have an amazing week and as always reach out with questions! li******************@gm***.com


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