Bad Case of Stripes Recap and Peek at Dinosaur Week!

Hey there and sorry I am late getting this up!  I was working feverishly to get a new set of easy readers posted and this was put on a temporary hold 😉  This upcoming week is our mid-quarter parent teacher-conferences and then a four day weekend followed up by a professional day….so we’ll say 5 days “off” ….:)  YES, please!  Of course I don’t have an off switch so I’ll stay busy!  Since I’m on the topic of talking off-topic let me just say that Missouri is now part of California…yes it doesn’t snow and likes to boast 60 degree weather in February 😉
Alright, back on topic I guess…this past week our close read was a favorite, A Bad Case of Stripes!  Download last week’s plans directly below!

Our essential question for this week was for students to first state how the illustrations in the book impacted their learning…and our second question was to state the conclusion or the moral of the story!  My teacher heart BEAMED when my students knew right away why David Shannon wrote this book….for you to BE YOURSELF!
Sorry for the icky picture, but here is our vocabulary…

We followed up with this quick and easy pencil/paper task,,students illustrated the words lawn and sob!

When reading Bad Case of Stripes I always like to read the Best Part of me as well!  This is such an awesome book to teach kiddos to adore their uniqueness!

The kids chose their “best part of them” and I snapped a quick picture!  They then wrote stories to match!

The best part of me is my teeth.  I like teeth because they bite stuff.

The best part of me is my neck because it has bones.

We also wrote A Day in the Life of…story booklets!  The kiddos wrote about their days in a first, next, and last sequence!  You can snag these freebie booklets HERE!

On Monday we celebrated the big 1-0-0!  

Here are our 100th day writings….

Download these freebie writing templates HERE!

This week we also rocked Miss Kindergarten’s new Read and Reveal CVC cards! 🙂

Now for some odds and ends…If you own my ENDLESS Addition and Subtraction word problem bundle you can download this new update!  I just added zoo and frogs to bundle!

If you own my ENDLESS Guided Reading Mega Bundle you can snag these newly formatted easy readers by downloading your update! 🙂
Click below to view…

Alright now plans for THIS week!  It is dinosaur week! Wahoo!  The kids had an inkling it would be dinosaur week when the say me preparing…those little stinkers! Either way they were PUMPED!  Download those plans below and have a GREAT week! 🙂


  1. No snow in Missouri? That's really weird. Are you anywhere near that fabulous teacher and blogger Deedee Wills? Have you tried to visit her?
    I would love to visit both of your WONDERFUL classes! I can tell there is so much for fun and learning occurring. Thanks for the inspiration!

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