Christmas Take Home Review & Freebie!

Hey friends!  I’m not sure about your students but my day was AHHHHHH!  So, I’m keeping this short so I can zone off to the TV a little bit! 🙂  Our last day of school is an early out next Friday.  I hope I can make it.
I like to send something home with my kiddos to work on over break. I don’t make it mandatory practice- just an encouragement and some parents actually ask for work. 
So if you’re lookinh for something I have 2 options for you….
This is my Common Core ELA & Math Aligned Christmas take home packet.  It sells for $3 in my TpT store.  Click the photo to head over to see it.
OR if your school assesses with AIMS or DIBELS you may like this freebie!  Click below to grab it.
Have a great rest of the week!


  1. I have a precious little guy in class who has decided that he is the teacher. He restates nearly everything I say, giving repeat directions to the class….in fifteen years, I've never experienced this and I can feel it wearing on me. My classroom is long and narrow, with a dividing wall; I think I'm closing off half of the room tomorrow! Maybe, if I give him zero space to command, I can make it through this week!

    All of that to say, YES! It looks like we are all having the same kind of day!
    🙂 ReadWriteSing

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