Chunkin’ It Up!

We are in fast forward in my classroom…you know that time where our sweet little kinders blossom like flowers and then before we know it they are first graders! It seems like at the reading group table is where I notice this “magic” the most!  I guess it’s because it’s just me and a group of about 5 or 6…I notice their smiles when they tackle an unknown word…and I notice them whisper to their friends, “I read it 2 times before she asked for our books!”   It’s those moments that show me I must continue to provide exiting, engaging, and FUN activities for the reading group table.  I want t keep the kids excited to come back and learn….now of course we don’t need glam and glitz…but I do like to make them happy…after all we ARE learning and having fun!

So, in comes my new chunkin’ it up cards!  You can see the mayhem in the above picture!  I lay down a big group of chunk cards and the kids They zip through the strips and collect the ones they tackled! You can listen to one below….and hear the little girl in the background too who is showing me her HUGE stack lol!

And another action video…this one of my sweet niece who is so lucky to have her mommy and her aunt getting her to verify “kid friendly” before the kids get their hands on it 😉

I also made these fun little cards where the kiddos get to work with a chunk to make new words!  You can also choose to have them record their new words.  For me…I like to introduce these activities at the reading tables…just as warm-ups.  After we have practiced them several times..I will then feel comfortable enough to place them into their literacy baskets!

This is also a fun chunk video I found on YouTube! 🙂

If you’re interested in viewing more of this packet you can view it below!  I also have a long vowel version! 🙂  If you are one of my guided reading bundle owners…K or 1st…you already own the short vowel {k} and long vowels {1’st}

Click below to view more…

Have a great week….oh yeah….keep on rocking it!  You ARE making a difference!


  1. So many great ideas!
    This time of year is SO exciting…we were all about blending (stretchy snake) through fall/winter and then all of a sudden, my students are ready for "chunky monkey." These activities looks amazing & thanks for the video!! Jen

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