Chunking it With the Funky Monkey!

What is that I hear???  Why it’s the weekend calling YOU!  Don’t worry it will be here soon 🙂
We’ve been working on the chunking strategy back at our reading groups.  I wanted to share with you these hands-on and engaging activities as well… I will let you know how I have differentiated the activities for each of my groups!

I told the kids I MUST get a chunkier monkey because ours is a little frail to say the least!

 The first activity up is called Pass the Chunk. This is the activity I started all of my groups at and my below level group is still working on this activity.  They are doing really good and need the constant blending practice.  In this activity all of the students in the reading group have their own beginning sound mat.  I have included all consonants and digraphs as well!  We discuss the chunk together and then I send it around the table.  The students work on blending their beginning sound with the chunk.  We talked a lot about how once we know a chunk there is no reason to say each sound.  For example, this student would say, /s/ /ag/, sag.   After a few days of this practice I moved on to adding several different chunks at once.  They would say blend their beginning sound and chunk, pass it on to the student next to them and grab a new chunk.  It continued around the table until everyone had a chance with the chunks.

We followed up with recording sheets.  With Pass the Chunk there are two versions.  In the first version they simply record the sounds and on the second recording sheet they must decide if it is a real or funky “nonsense” word.

Activity two is called Funky Fix Up! This is the activity I have my above kiddos on currently!  In
this activity the teacher will place one funky “nonsense” card on the guided
reading table.  Students will use their
alphabet strips to go through each consonant, deciding if it will make a real
word.  Each real word will be listed on
their dry erase board.  Students follow up with recording their answers on the whiteboard or a recording sheet.

Recording words he fixed up.

    Activity three is called List the Chunks! I have my on level students work on this task back at reading group.  In this activity the teacher will place one   chunk card on the guided reading
table.  Students will use their alphabet
strips to go      through each consonant. Each word will be listed on their dry
erase board or follow up on recording sheet.


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Have a great end to your week!


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