Classroom and School Rules

Hello again friends!  If you haven’t noticed yet- – this Summer I have been having a mini-sale each week.  I like to choose a product(s) that will be most useful for back to school.  This week it is my classroom and school rules easy to use books & practice sheets.

I got the idea for a recess book during mid-Summer last year.  I got it together and the first week of school I thought, “hey I can do one of these for all the areas my students struggle with learning the rules.”  So, yes during the first few work days/school days I was getting the three remaining books together.  Scrappin Doodles came through with some awesome matching clip art.

Above is a snap shot of my recess and lunchroom books.  I have laminated and combined each book to share with my students.  However, last year I also projected the books on the Smartboard.  That went very well too!  Each packet comes with a teacher reader and corresponding practice sheets.  All of the books have common characters; Tommy and Susie.  My students last year really made a connection to characters 🙂

Below is a snap shot of each book cover and a sample page from the teacher read aloud.

Click below to view the individual packets! 
 They are all on sale for 20% off Wednesday 6/26- Saturday 6/29.

Save $4.50 by purchasing the bundle!
  It is also on sale for 20% off Wednesday 6/26- Saturday 6/29.

Be sure to check in next week for the Number Sense Routines book study and more back to school savings! Have an awesome week!


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