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Happy Sunday!

  I wanted to share with you “one” of my classroom management systems.  It does feel like I have quite a few!  This is a simple and easy system that after initial set-up cost is free of cost for the teacher!  I feel sometimes that my treasure box should be a tax write-off of its own.  I took this idea straight my my student teaching experience.  It is a simple stone(marble) jar idea, but with a twist.  The twist is a Staples Easy Button.  After the students have placed a stone in the jar they are able to also hit the easy button.  This of course is an extra added excitement to just putting in a stone.  Also, creates a perfect teaching moment, “Susie why did you get to push the easy button,”  “because I cleaned up.”  “was that easy?”  “yes.”

{Just Posted}  Kindergarten Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary/Language word wall cards.
Okay so I am for sure a Kindergarten Common Core Diva.  I want to make 100% sure that I am covering all my bases when it comes to the Common Core.  It’s not just the fact that I have to do because it’s required of me, but simply because I want to and I enjoy it.  I feel that the Common Core is full of great ideas and concepts.  I want to ensure that my students will be exactly where they need to be for first grade and for third grade when the take the Common Core test.

So on with my babbling… the product I mentioned above has all of the language or words that we as teachers should be using regularly in our classroom.  Words like array, sum, addend, etc.  The packet includes all of the Kindergarten CC words, definitions, check off list, and colorful word wall cards.
Click {here} to pick up the packet for $6.

If you know of any other Kindergarten teachers that are or will be implementing the Common Core please share this blog.  I will be posting some form of Common Core posts weekly!

Have a great week!!  I do have to admit I only have a 4-day week.  No snow days really feels nice with these 4-day weeks!


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