Classroom Tidbits!

Can’t believe it’s midweek already!  I thought I would share with you a few tidbits and happenings in my classroom.  May is an exciting month, but here is Missouri May brings our highest chance for severe weather.  Here is my sever weather set up!  It is a plastic folder (opens at the top only) and the instructions for safely exiting the classroom during an emergency is printed, laminated, and taped to the front of the folder.

Here are the folders…..

Here is one of my many behavior management systems- the clip chart!  This is really one of my favorites and the most loved by the kids!

You can click the picture for the Tpt link where I downloaded it from! 

And….one of mine and my student’s favorites! Reading comprehension strategies!

And the cutsie animals that go with the posters!

These posters have made such a difference during guided reading!  The kids can relate to stretchy snake and get your lips ready fish.  Click {here} to view the reading comprehension posters on Tpt!

Have a fantastic rest of the week!

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