Common Core aligned snack???

Oh now I’ve gone and lost it?  Haha!! Kids are so eager to learn and especially when they are having fun!  We know that kids LOVE to play with their food- so why not accomplish some Common Core Standards while munching on their snack?    I really had this idea pop up the other night and I was telling my husband all about it and how great of an idea it was and he just doesn’t understand my excitement! However, I knew you all would!!
Some of my examples!
I can sort by attributes!
 I can sort and graph by attribute.
1 to 1 correspondence!
I can make groups of 10.  {great for 100’s day!}
Greater than/less than!  KPM Doodles adorable graphics!
Addition & Subtraction

The packet includes 22 snack mats all aligned to the standards.  The standard addressed is labeled at the top of each mat.  Print out for 1 time use or laminate for daily use!  The packet sells in my store for $4, but will be on sale for 20% off August 12th-15th!  Click the picture below to view on Tpt!


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