Common Core Quick Assessments

Hi friends!  I survived my second day of parent/teacher conferences and came out with 100% attendance… yay!!  I love first quarter conferences!  We get to put faces to names… and learn so much more about our kiddos!  It is so fun to share the successes and share with the parents how they can assist in their student’s education! Oh and no school tomorrow… yes please!!

I think I’ve shared before that with the reading series my district uses we introduce 1 letter per week!  Each letter has an alphafriend with a cute song!  This week our letter was Tt so we got to meet our alphafriend- Tiggy Tiger!  We do a lot of singing as I believe this has tremendous affects on their retention… 2 of our favorites from the week!

First thing in Letter/Word Work on Mondays I assess the students on their ability to recognize the weekly letter BEFORE we even begin to learn the letter. I use this as a preassessment so I know how many students do/ do not know the letter. I continue to do these “quick assessments” throughout the week… making sure the students are gaining knowledge about the week’s letter! See pictures below!

Trace the letter. Search & color the letter.

Write the beginning sound.

Draw & label a picture that starts witht he letter Tt.

These quick assessments are part of my Common Core ELA Quick Assessments packet!  Inside the packet are the quick assesments pictured above along with: parts of speech, key details, rhyming, beginning sounds, letter id, ending punctuation, & simple words!  All of the assessments are aligned to the K-1 Common Core standards!  The standards are listed in the description to the packet!  The packet contains 94 quick assessments!  Click the link below if you are interested! 

Next week I will be sharing with you our Teen Number Fun!!  I’m super excited about a new approach to teaching teen numbers this year!  I will let you know how it goes… have a super weekend!


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