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Hello friends!  Since I am unable to make it to the classroom I will share with y’all so I feel as though I am getting some “teaching” in!  We went to school one day last week and we’ve only made it to school once this week due to two large snowstorms! We were out of power all day yesterday but thank God it came back on around 8PM.

Math has certainly become one of my favorite times of the day in the classroom!  Our Math times in the past were about 30 minutes.  This year my Math time was extended to about 45 minutes, but now that we are working on so many awesome things  before I know it we’ve worked well over an entire hour!  Our Math time backs up to snack so if we run over it’s no big deal!  Here is a list of the activities we worked on in math Monday!  I will explain all of them below and leave you links!

Place Value Video/Song {5 minutes}

Place Value PROVE IT! {10 minutes}

Mingle {10 minutes}

Counting Collections {20 minutes}

My #19 Book {from Growing Kinders Fun With Numbers Part 2}  {15 minutes}

Math Centers {20 minutes}

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So, yes we have all heard of Harry Kindergarten!  Well have you checked out his latest teen numbers/place value video?  It’s awesome as always!

After this video the students worked on proving that 19 is 1 group of 10 and 9 ones.  I’ve mentioned before that we are working extremely hard stating and proving our reasoning!  The students have become quite the experts and I now over them asking their classmates to prove it! Nothing like over-hearing five and six years saying “Well how do you know?  Can you prove that?”

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So, after working with place value we moved on to a super cute number sense game I found on the Teaching Channel.  It is called Mingle!  I will post the video below and the teacher explains the game in detail very well!  My students did really well.  Like any other new activity it will takes lots of practice and teacher set expectations on what students can and cannot do.  Mingle provides an excellent opportunity for students to not only work on math skills but also problem solving skills.  I find myself stating “be a problem solver” continually through out the day…well here is an opportunity for those students to practice!
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After Mingle we moved into Counting Collections.  The idea behind Counting Collections comes from another awesome Teaching Channel video.  Today we worked on counting a collection as a group.  I did have a few groups work on counting collections during math centers, but we did the first round together.  Counting Collections is a great way again for students to problem solve and prove their thinking/reasoning.  I will post the video below because again this teacher does a really nice job explaining the concept of the activity.  I will also leave you with a few pictures of our work!
Here is our collection of 103 fuzzy pom poms!
This is where I explained the options of recording our answer.  Most students recording the groups of tens.  I did have some students write the orally counted number under {like the picture above}.

Here is an example of a student that dictated the groups of 10 and the orally counted number.
This student dictated the groups of 10.
See below for the freebie recording sheet download!
This activity went really well.  I plan to do one additional counting collections as a group before we move to students working with a partner!  I will update you with how this goes!  If you try this activity in your classroom please let me know how it goes!

Click below for the freebie recording sheet!

After counting collections we moved on to math centers!  I usually meet with a group of students at my table.  However, on this day I was circulating around the room interacting with the students while they worked on number sense activities we started whole group, but are now part of their independent choices.  See pictures below!

Ten Frame flash interactive computer game!  Click HERE for the links!  They are freebie games!
A group of students working on counting collections.  This group decided to put the pom poms in groups of 20.
These students are playing ten frame flash {just like Mrs. West} See my Number Sense packet below!

These students matched numerals to ten frame.  Also see Number Sense packet below!

I posted about Number Sense and these activities which build a strong foundation in number sense a few day ago.  Click HERE to view that post!  See below for my Number Sense Classroom Resources packet!

Also, check out this newly released product!

Have a great Thursday!  Mine will be spent like this…..
YES I do need two computers!! 😉 

You see I am working on my new computer but my old computer works better for certain things!


  1. I just found your blog and have been reading for the past hour! I also teach kindergarten and the district that I work in just started CCSS this year. We've been wading through and trying to figure things out. I absolutely love your TPT items and ideas, especially since they are geared toward K! I can't wait to share your blog with my co-workers!

  2. I just went to a PD session last week and learned about counting collections. I love the idea even for my first graders. Your kids are going to be so prepared for first grade 🙂

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