Count & Write to 100!

Hi friends!  I hope you’re having some nice weather this weekend!  For some reason the nice weather just seems to make my weekend even better! 🙂
This past week my students and I embarked on a new journey- – writing to 100!  Okay, okay….writing to 100 what’s new lady?  Well, my curriculum follows the Common Core and has students write within 20.  However, I know that my little soon to be Firsties will be expected to write ALOT higher during first quarter of first grade.  So, I made it my mission that we will write our numbers to 100 by the end of Kindergarten.  Well, the kids have been working so hard that most of them will be writing to 100 by the end of next week!
We added writing to 100 as a little segment at the beginning of our math lessons this week.  We spend about 10-15 minutes on writing numbers to 100.

Below is a view things we do to help prepare us for our number writing.




Count Around the Carpet

During count around the carpet students follow along with the 100’s chart as we count.  This past week we stuck to counting by 1’s so the students would make one-to-one tracking with the numbers! You can also do count around the carpet without the 100’s chart. 
We also like to count by 5’s & 10’s!

Count & Write to 100 {one decade at a time!}

These sheets have been a true lifesaver in our journey to write to 100!  The sheets are set up for students to complete one decade at a time before moving on.  This has really helped!  They are not overwhelmed by a big empty hundreds chart and they are guided so students count along and fill in the missing numbers!  I purchased this packet for $2.50 from Maria Manroe!  Click {HERE} to view the packet on TpT! 

Also, click {here} for a FREEBIE “I can count and write to 100” poster!

Also, I just posted this Finding the Unknown: Missing  Addends packet in my TpT store.  It sells for $2.  Click below to view!

Well I’m off to enjoy this beautiful weekend!  Have a super day! 🙂


  1. I have the Counting to 100 (one decade at a time) packet in my wish list. Thanks for letting us know how it worked with your class. I will definitely have to swing over to TPT for that and your addends pack.


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