Counting & Writing to 100!

Hey there and happy Sunday!  This past Friday the kids completed their decade writing to 100 and we had a cele-bra-tion!  If you haven’t came across this  fabulous differentiated count & write to 120 packet from Maria Manore…it is a true gem!

Each day for our “opening routines” of math we counted around the circle up to the decade number we would be writing to that day.  Each student had their own hundreds chart {also in the packet}.  They followed along with their counting finger and we would “freeze” at the decade we were counting to.  I then dismissed students to their table to begin their number writing.  We took one day for each decade so it took us 11 days in total!  The students felt immediate success as they mastered each decade!

 This past Friday was our final day…the BLANK 100’s chart!  I knew the kids would be super excited so we celebrated a little!  Each kiddo got a “I can count and write to 100” ribbon for their paper!  We also took lots of pictures…because that is what famous people do! 

 Along with the ribbons we also did a celebration run through!  I had the girls line up on one side and the boys across.  They held their arms up high and wiggled their fingers!  I called each student’s name for them to run through the celebration line!  They really did think they were true rock stars…and I wish I could share those priceless pictures with you!  You’ll have to trust me 😉
We now have our hundred charts on display in the hallway to show off all of our hard work! The proud faces my little ones were wearing on Friday were moments they will never forget!
Be sure to grab a couple of freebies below… 

If you are interested in this sign click the image below to download the freebie! 

Click the image below to download the freebie ribbons!


If you are interested in having your students decade write to 100 or 120 click the image below to view Maria’s packet on TpT!

Have a great week!


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