Daily Five Virtual Presentation {freebies too}

Hi there again and thank so much for dropping in to see my latest virtual presentation: All About Daily Five in Kindergarten!  If you haven’t listened to my guided reading virtual presentation you can click HERE to view that!

Also, this presentation is how I’ve made Daily Five work the best in MY classroom…this is by no means the only way you can do Daily Five in your classroom.  As always teachers know how to adapt and make it all work for their students.  It’s important to read all about the Daily Five from the authors!  You can view and purchase their book HERE.

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To download the FREEBIE listening comprehension sheets click below!

Work on Writing Activity Packets:

Letter Name Practice Sheets-multiple versions

Word Work Activity Packets:


If you would like to snag this editable daily five board you can click below!


Click here to grab your freebie… Are you the lucky duck freebie
Click here to view the How do I spell…? board


You can click the image below to view my guided read q & a where I also explain in detail the activities I use for each daily five and pick up freebies too!



Download our freebie stamina chart from  A Special Kind of Class HERE!

I-chart ideas:

Read to Self- Read the whole time, get started right away, read quietly, build stamina, and stay in one spot

Word Work: work the whole time, get started right away, stay in one spot, work quietly, and pick up materials when the round is over.

Work on Writing: write the whole time, stay in one spot, get started right away, write quietly, place paper ____ when finished.

Listening to Read: get started right away, stay in one spot, listen/work the whole time, pick up materials when the round is over.

Download the freebie binder covers HERE.

Thanks so much for viewing/listening to my presentation!  I truly hope you enjoyed it and have found at least ONE piece of information that will make a world of difference in your classroom.  As ALWAYS feel free to email me questions {ta******@ho*****.com} and/or leave your comments below!  I also wanted to offer a special giveaway for those that visited this presentation….

I have bundled all of my independent activities for work on writing and word work together in an ENDLESS bundle!  The bundle has 500+ activities and more then enough material to get you through your year!  You can click below to view this bundle below!

Have a superb week friends!


  1. Looks great! Sorry to ask an off-topic question but what sort of name "tags" do you have on your tables? Do you write their name on clear contact paper or something? It looks very unobtrusive and flat. I'd love to know. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! Now I can see how it looks. I see that you have students work independently. I had pictured in my mind having a group together working on each, but with my chatty class, I like how you do it. I do only have one tape/CD player with all the headphones plugged into it so they will all have to be together. I really want your shelf! I have some questions, but I'll email you, if you don't mind. Thanks again for the time you put into doing this and giving others a better understanding of Daily 5.

  3. I there! I'm having trouble figuring out how to add my student pictures/names into your D5 smartboard rotation slides. I love this idea, as I don't have tons of extra bulletin board space to make any sort of visual…all help is appreciated! Thanks!

  4. Thank you! Thank you! This was so informative! I cannot tell you how grateful I am! My only question that I have is do you check the papers that the students complete during work on writing or word word? If so, how do you organize that? Thanks!

    1. Sara,
      In the years past I have had a turn in basket that students place their work in for daily five. I then go through the basket with the students and acknowledge good work and draw attention to anything we need to correct. I have always transitioned out of that once students know the independent work expectations!

  5. Super Great (as usual) — I am looking for the letter roads, which super packet are those included in?! oh, and HELLO ….LOVE LOVE how you have them all organized in a binder!! One smart cookie!! I think that will work for many things in my room currently!! Love to follow along! Thanks so much!!

  6. I am so excited for the opportunity to purchase this bundle!!!! I am hoping to begin Daily 5 in the 2nd 6 weeks once students have had the opportunity to practice writing on their own. I am very eager to begin centers! Thank you again!

  7. This was wonderful, Tara! I appreciate all of the time that it takes to put your comments and visuals together. I've been doing The Daily 5 for a few years and always change things up a bit. Seeing your word work gives me some great ideas for modifications this year.

  8. Hi Tara,
    How do you handle testing for report cards, district testing and/or state testing when you have to work one-on-one vs. small groups? Do you do this during your daily 5 time and don't take groups? Do you have a different SB slide for this where all kidos are engaged in a D5 activity except the one your working with?

    1. Hi there Karla! We do a couple of district wide assessments but those are whole group. Each quarter I do grade card assessing. For the most part I am able to get this done while the kids eat breakfast or during indoor recess. {We have that a lot in MO} If not I do it during daily five. I never thought about having another slide for this kind of situation…that is a GREAT idea! When I've had to meet one-on-one I sit the kids up in their first daily five round then tell them that it is a free choice daily 5 day…they get to change daily 5's on their own. Of course it isn't as quiet on these days, but they are rare! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi, I started using your guided reading packet this year and will be starting daily 5 next year. I'd love to know more about your word work center. How many options (baskets) are available at one time. How often do you change the centers? How do you keep track of whose completed what activity.

  10. Hi Tara, do you have the icon pictures for each station available to print-the ones that match the powerpoint slide for station management? I would like to put the signs around the room in the areas of each station but was hoping to have the signs match with your ppt slide. Thanks!

  11. Hi Tara,

    I am just watching your Daily 5 presentation and was wondering if the free listening center sheets are still available? Also , do you sell a Daily 5 packet? Thanks so much!

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