December ideas, giveaway, and FREEBIE packed! Ha!  A little dramatic sorry about that, but seriously!  You know that first week of school when you’re like wow if I can make it to Labor Day, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then December!  Well, we are here- -ready or not!  I wanted to get this posted up for those of you looking for some new ideas to cover in December!  This post has a little of everything…giveaways, a few freebies, and more!  I choose FREEBIES first!  Let’s get to it….

This is a quick center to prep!  Click the photo below to grab this freebie!

Freebie dated writing paper for the month!  Don’t worry it IS 2015 ….not 2014 😉

At my school we test fluency using AIMS Web…similar to Dibels! I love to send this fluency practice packet home with my kiddos over the Christmas break because we test after students return! You can download the freebie HERE!

Another great idea for December is connecting to fun stuff because you can clearly have fun in December!  We will be writing these “Who would we melt for stories” again this year + making the adorable Olaf craft!  First off we will…watch just a snippit from the Frozen DVD HERE…the part where Olaf sits by the fire and starts to melt.  Olaf says, “Some people are worth melting for.”  We will then discuss those in our lives that are so special to us..special enough that we would melt for them!  Students will the write about who they would melt for and why.  You can snag this freebie writing prompt below! 🙂

Here are some snapshots from last years’ kiddos!

I would melt for my family because I love them very much.

 I would melt for my mom and dad because they help me.

Not too long ago I stumbled upon THESE ADORABLE Olaf printables on Pinterest.  The kiddos LOVED creating their own Olafs so these are for sure in the plans for this year as well.  I was so tickled by how they were all a little different from one another last year!


And another freebie for you!  This upcoming week we will be learning all about Reindeer as our KinderLiteracy focus and here are our reindeer reports we will be doing! 
On each page the kids wrote reindeer facts….
Reindeer can have babies.
                                                            Reindeer have big antlers.

Reindeer are wild.
We also labeled reindeer for our books!
 You can grab what you need for your reindeer reports as a freebie below…
Below are some additional fun and engaging writing prompts for the kiddos to work on!  There will be a freebie download link below!

Would you rather be an elf or a reindeer?

I can be a reindeer because I can fly.
I can be a reindeer because I can run.
                                                       I can be an elf because I can work.
Do you like snow?

I do not like snow because I get sick. I got a cold. I had to stay home.

I like snow because I like to eat snow. 
I like snow because we can make snowmen.

Download the above writing templates for free HERE!

The kiddos also colored snowy scenes to match their stories!

Now for a couple of giveaways!  First up…..


This packet has five kid-tested-loved centers for Christmas!

Stockin’ Stuffers- – working with short vowels

Sight word practice!  Kiddos build the words using cookies on a baking pan!

CVC Writing Practice

Final sounds…

Th/Ch Digraph Sorting…

You will have a chance to win these centers below!  You can also view the packet by clicking below!

 If you haven’t already stumbled upon my Taking Back Weekends packets they are LIFE SAVERS…especially in busy months like December!  Below you can read what is included in the December edition and view a preview!

Included in the packet:
Writing Activities: All About Reindeer Book, All About Christmas Book, All About Winter Book, My Christmas List, Opinion Writing Story Starters, December Pictionary, Guided Story Starters, Writing Journal, December Writing Prompts, Letter Templates, Describe It Starters, Guess my gift
Math Activities: Pin the Nose on Rudolph {math center}, How Many More to Make 10? Practice Sheet, Light Up The Numbers {math center}, Trim the Tree {math center}, Christmas Addition/Subtraction Practice Sheets, Combine and Clip it {math center}, Counting Sets Practice Sheets, Part-Part-Whole Practice Sheets
Word Work Activities: Under the Tree CVC Word Literacy Center, Gingerbread Rhymes Literacy Center, Make a List CVC Word Literacy Center, ABC Order Practice Sheet, Wintry Sounds Practice Sheet, Snowy Words CVC/CVCe Practice Sheet
Recess Ideas: Missing gingerbread activity & play dough mats.
Simple Print Sub Plan Activities: Instruction page for substitute and activities for read aloud, writing, math. All needed materials included.
Content Activities: Reindeer booklets, parent gift, and more!Teacher Organization {10 pages}: Ideas to stay on task in 2014, December 2014 calendar, thank you cards, to do lists.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Here is an up close look at the literacy and math centers in the packet!

Light Up The Numbers–Numbers 1-20

Pin the Nose on Rudolph- -Teen Numbers

Trim the Tree- -working on one more

Combine and Clip it

Under the Tree CVC Word Literacy Center

Gingerbread Rhymes
Make a list, Check it Twice- – A CVC Word Center

Here is a look at the reindeer fact book…okay nothing special, but it is a craft!  A craft from ME is almost unheard of 😉

A look at the preview…
You can snag this packet by clicking below!
I have now also completed the entire bundle of Taking Back Weekends!
Time to enter the giveaway!  I will be choosing the winner THIS Friday evening 12/4!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Below are some additional crafty ideas for December!

These reindeer are in my December Taking Back Weekends packet and KinderLiteracy!

If you are needing a few more ideas for December you can check out my themed Pinterest board by clicking below!

We will also be making our snowmen parent gifts.  Deedee shared this idea, the how-to, and the cute tag on her blog…click HERE to view her post!  Here are our snowmen from last year! My husband did the hard labor and the kiddos did final touches!  After getting the boards purchased and painted I needed one sock per snowman, one sheet of orange felt, black craft paint, and ribbon!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Stay calm and enjoy your kiddos!


  1. I am currently seeking an education degree, but I work in a Preschool classroom part-time. My students love Frozen so I know they'd love these lessons. Thanks for sharing all these awesome winter activities! I'm anxious to use some of your ideas.

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