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Thank you so much for joining me to discuss DIGITAL games! With the focus on either distance learning, hybrid learning, and/or the lack of standard centers we are looking to DIGITAL resources this year.

In this post I will be sharing my new INSTANT Digital Games AND I also have an 8 slide deck FREE download for you as well!

Digital Games

What are the INSTANT Digital Games?

The INSTANT Digital Games are pre-loaded to SeeSaw and Google™ Slides. These games can be assigned to your students for independent practice, virtual lesson follow-up, assessment, as an independent literacy center option, independent math center option, homework, early finishers, etc. See the detailed list of skills covered in this packet below.

To access the INSTANT Digital Games, scroll to the platform of choice and click the thumbnails. The INSTANT Digital Games are hyperlinked within the document. To access the SeeSaw games, click the thumbnails and the activity will be added to your library. To setup a SeeSaw account click HERE. To access the Google™ Slides activities, click the thumbnails and select “make a copy” for the activity to automatically save in your Google Drive ™. For MS Teams, open the Google Slides activities, click file, download, choose PowerPoint.

View a detailed preview video below or here!

What is included?

This packet will contain 250 INSTANT slide decks loaded to SEESAW and GOOGLE SLIDES! (see FAQ below for additional platforms.) This is a growing bundle! Additional slide decks will be added soon! Each slide deck has 13-20 slides included!

SeeSaw games have typed instruction, video demo, and recorded directions to assist students in distance learning! Google Slide games have audio directions included as well on the starter slide deck!

What ELA skills are included?

  • Alphabet 
  • Letter Misconceptions
  • Rhyming 
  • Syllables
  • Sounds 
  • Word Families 
  • Sentences 
  • CVC/CVCe 
  • Digraphs/Blends 

ELA Preview Video

Math Skills Included

  • Numbers/Subitizing 0-20 
  • Counting 
  • Shapes/Patterns 
  • Measurement 
  • Comparing 
  • Place Value to 20 
  • Addition 
  • Subtraction
  • Time/Money 

Grade Levels

What grade level is this best suited for?

As always, my packets can reach from a grade level below and a grade level above the targeted audience. This packet will be best aligned for a kindergarten classroom. However, there will be plenty of slides for a preschool classroom (alphabet, rhyming, syllables, sounds, word families, numbers, counting, shapes, measurement) and for a first grade classroom doing a review/refresher of such skills!

Can these games be used in SeeSaw?

YES! These games are already loaded into SeeSaw for you! Just click the link within the packet and select “add to library”. The game will be loaded into your SeeSaw library! Get more information about SeeSaw *HERE*

Can these games be used in Google Slides/Google Classroom?

YES! These games are already loaded into Google Slides for you! Just click the link within the packet and select “make a copy”. The game will be loaded into your Google Drive!

Math Preview Video

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Try It Free!

I also have a FREE DOWNLOAD for you as well! In this set you will get 8 alphabet slide decks! These slide decks are offered on SeeSaw and Google Slides! Click HERE or the image below to grab this free set!

Have an amazing week and reach out with any questions: li******************@gm***.com
XO- Tara


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