Digraphs {freebie included}

I get so excited about teaching digraphs!  Why you ask?  I feel as though it is a right of passage for our little ones…they have moved past single sounds and are now able to think about more complex spelling!  This is the soonest we’ve started digraphs, but they were so ready and eager to learn more! We focus on one digraph per week for 2 days.  We do our letter of the week Monday-Wednesday and then transition into the digraph. Below I will share with you how I am tackling this with my young learners.

The biggest and most fun part about learning digraphs is the “H brothers!”  I found this adorable idea {here}.  The H brothers allow students to get a real understanding about the sound each digraph makes. Below are the posters my teaching buddy made for me!  I am not talented enough to make something like that with actual paper LOL!  I have solved that issue for all of you like me {read on to see}.

There is a little story that goes along with the H brothers.  Basically, there are four brothers; Shawn, Charlie, Theodore, and Whit.  Theodore is the impolite brother.  He is always sticking out his tongue making the “th” sound.  Charlie is a little crazy and is obsessed with  trains.  He is constantly making the CHOO CHOO sound.  Whit is also on the nosier side.  He is constantly practicing his singing.  The other brother, Shawn, is very quiet and he is always “shhh-ing” Whit and Charlie.
For those of you like me that prefer to be our most creative on the computer or by just hitting “print” I’ve made these for you!
I also LOVE these Starfall digraph videos!  They do a great job with demonstrating how to make the sound.  Click each video below to view.
We also have fun with these engaging and interactive Smart Notebook digraph sorts!
I purchased it for $2, you can click the picture below to view!

We also watch a ton of fun Youtube videos!

Now for some fun and engaging digraph activities!  I’m not sure about you, but I have the hardest time finding age appropriate materials for teaching digraphs.  I had to whip up all of my own! 🙂  Below is  an engaging sort and I’m literally in love with my digraph practice sheets….yeah I’m weird 😉
This puppy is hot off of the press!  Students use the digraph picture cards and place them in the correct fish bowl.  They also record their answer on the corresponding recording sheet!  To help those unsure learners I write the digraph on the back of the card so they can self-check.  This sort sells for $2 and you can click below to view it!

Below are the digraph practice sheets I was babbling about above!  They also sell for $2 and you can click below to view those as well.  These practice sheets come with 2 versions: beginning and ending digraphs {except for wh}.

I’ll be back soon!  Have a great day 🙂


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