Fabulous Dollar Store Finds!!

I survived my first flight and made it home safely from the Kindergarten conference in Vegas!!  I am thrilled to share with you the knowledge here shortly!  Yesterday I felt the need to do my own version of back to school shopping!  I went to Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General!  Oh boy did I find some goodies and they were all a dollar or less!
I plan to use the above graphic anytime I find something new and exciting for a dollar!
  Be on the lookout for it!!
Working with Sounds: Slinkys – pull the slinky apart and back together demonstrating the sounds of the word.  Cars, push up the cars for the sounds in a work, gems- push up the gems for the sounds in the words.  Tambourine- for hearing syllables in words!
So cute and what a steal, $1!!!
Antonym task cards, $1!!
Vinyl letters, $1!!
Plastic trophies, $1!!
Teacher Organizer, fabulous with plastic dividers inside, $1!!
Jumbo plastic scissors!  I love these, they will be great for when demonstrating the proper way to use scissors at the beginning of the year, $1!!
Plastic plates as dry erase surface, 4 for $1.  Green cloth great for dry erase markers, $1!!
Plastic jars- great for sooooo many things, $1!!
Founds these plastic plates at Walmart, 2 for $1
Metal gift card holders! I have a feeling the kids are going to LOVE these, $1!!
Metal cupcake pan for sorting!!  I cannot believe metal plans are only a dollar at the Dollar Tree!!
All $1 each!!
Behavior management system; all $1 (except Staples easy button- sorry!!)
Found these last year at Dollar General, but saw them there again this year!!
Enjoy and I hope you can find your inner Dollar Diva!!


  1. What great ideas! I *love* dollar store shopping too! My fave idea you shared is using gift card holders for magnetic letters! So cute and the kiddos always love individual or small things! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Hi there! I purchased both the clear and the taller jars from Dollar Tree this past Spring. It's possible they are no longer carrying them, but I think I saw them at my Dollar Tree just the other day. Hope this helps! Tara

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