Farm Literacy Centers

HEY y’all!  You know it’s the teacher in us when we can not wait to get to Daily Five time to introduce our little ones to their new literacy centers!  I needed a fresh approach to my literacy centers so I whipped up these fun, engaging, and may I say adorable farm literacy centers!  They are perrrrfect for this time of of the year in K!  I can say that because they are kid-tested and kid-approved!  Everyone is hooping and hollering to see their name under word work 😉  Below you can read about each of the five activities a long with snap shots of them in action!


If you would like to snag these for your classroom you can view them by clicking below!
They are on sale for $4 through the weekend 🙂

Have a splendid end to your work week!


    1. It's onset and rime 🙂 This is something we work on during small group as well…at the small group table we use two cars and drive them towards one another for each sound and then they crash to make the word…also all of my activities are "guided" so you can see there is a picture to help those not sure if they are making the correct sounds!


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