February $100 Amazon Giveaway + Freebies Galore!

 Say it isn’t so…February is in our futures!  I’m sure it’s just another month if you are lucky enough to live in a warm part of the world…but in my part of the world it’s one month closer to WARMTH!  I love to get these monthly posts out with plenty of time before the end of the month so those that like to plan ahead can do so!  Today I will be sharing LOTS of February themed freebies, and awesome $100 Amazon giveaway and MORE!

Up first?  How about an instant freebie! Download these adorable number puzzlers **HERE** or by clicking below!

Valentines freebie
Next, I would like to share about my “go to” resource each month, Taking Back Weekends!  I now have the packets in both Kindergarten and First Grade!


I know when I purchase material …my biggest thing is seeing what I am getting!  I always want to make sure that you are able to view my resources so that you can see if they will work for your kiddos!  You can view the video below to see the February K and 1st Taking Weekends up close!

Again, in each month you receive writing materials, word work centers, math centers, additional literacy and math practice sheets, content based material, and a simple print sub plan!


You able to purchase each month separate but I am also currently running a special on both bundles!  The kindergarten bundle is on sale for 50+% off! You can view that bundle more **HERE**

The first grade bundle is also on sale!  This bundle is still growing so it’s discount is even greater!  No worries!  If you purchase the bundle now, you’ll still own the entire year’s worth of material!  You can view that bundle **HERE**

Well, I think it’s about time to take a break from the classroom and talk AMAZON!  You know that February is all about buying for our loved ones…. but I’m talking about buying something sweet for YOURSELF!  I’ll be choosing one lucky winner to receive a $100 Amazon gift card!  You can enter directly below!  I’ll draw a winner at the end of day Saturday, 1/28!

 Alright, let’s talk CENTERS!  If you have followed me very long then you have probably seen my Themed Literacy and Math Centers!  I have these for K-2!  Today I will be sharing an up close look of my K-1 Valentine’s centers! The centers are accompanied with recording sheets and always offer a color and black/white version! I have two sets of centers for each grade level.  The difference between the two bundles is the themes covered.  The Valentine’s centers are in Set 2 of Kinder and Set 2 of First Grade!

Kinder Set 2 Centers- Valentine’s Day

Patterns for My Valentine:

The students will practice patterns by finding the next piece of each pattern chain!


Cupid’s Shapes:

The students will help cupid find his bow and arrow by matching the shapes.

One More, One Less Valentine:

The students will practice finding one more and one less for each number by matching the hearts together.

Teen Valentines:

The students will build their number sense with teen numbers by putting the “say ten” puzzles back together.

Roses for my Valentine:

The students will improve their number sense by sorting all of the roses into the correct vases.

Valentine Words:

The students will mix and match the hearts to build words.  Then, they will record each word to show if it is real or nonsense.

Lovely Word Manipulation:The students will manipulate each word by matching the balloons to the boys.


Box Full of Medial Sounds:

The students will identify the medial sound of each word by matching the box of chocolates to the girl.

Key to My Heart CVC!

The students will match the keys to the hearts in order to label each picture with the CVC words.


Filling Buckets With Rhymes!

The students will practice rhyming and word families by matching the hearts to the buckets.

valentinesLet’s take a look at the first grade set!  You will be able to see how the centers can easily be used together to differentiate your literacy centers!

Rosy Place Value Compare:

The students will practice place value by matching place value flowers to each number and comparing to find the greater number.


Rosy Place Value:

The students will practice place value by matching place value flowers to each number.

Comparing Valentines:

The students will practice comparing numbers by matching the stamp to each letter.

Perfect Match Facts:The students will work on addition fluency by matching the hearts to their matching sum.


Number Valentines:

The students will work on number fluency by matching the stamps to their letter and then to their mailbox.

Plural Valentines:

The students will identify the correct plural ending by matching the correct key to each heart.

ABC Valentines:The students will practice alphabetical order by placing the words in ABC order.

Valentine Stories:

The students will practice writing and spelling patterns by writing a story for a picture.

Sweet Trigraphs:

The students will identify trigraphs by matching the chocolates to the correct chocolate box.

valentinesSending Ending Blends:

The students will identify ending blends by matching the letters to the correct mailbox.

I would like to leave you with a free center from above!  Roses for My Valentine is just too cute not to share!  This is an instant download **HERE** or clicking on the image below!

If you are interested in grabbing the centers then now is the time!  The majority of the bundles are no longer ‘growing’ so I will be increasing their prices!  Currently both K and 1st set 1 of the centers are $100 off!  These bundles include 25 themes and 250 centers!  You can save big on these bundles here!Kindergarten Themed Literacy and Math Centers Set 1
First Grade Themed Literacy and Math Centers Set 1

Set 2 of the K-1 bundles are $75 off and include 20 themes and 200 centers!  You view those as well!Kindergarten Themed Literacy and Math Centers Set 2
First Grade Themed Literacy and Math Centers Set 2

Now it’s time for some additional February freebies!  Below is February dated writing paper for your sweet babes…


 The 100th day of school always falls in February for us… so how about a couple of freebies for that! You can download these 100th day snack mats!

And a quick and easy 100th day writing prompt…

 Finally, I’d love to share this adorable freebie from A Teachable Teacher!  Snag these freebie Valentine’s Day cards **HERE**

Whelp….that’s all I got for now!  Have a GREAT rest of your week!



  1. You are the GIVEAWAY QUEEN!!!! I have a binding machine and laminating pouches in. Y cart right now!!! Winning this card would make me (and my hubby) so happy!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!!

  2. Thank you for making my teaching days a little easier with all your fabulous products! What you do for all of us teachers is so very appreciated! ?

  3. Thanks Tara! I love your ideas. It is so cool to try ideas that have been successful. I spend a great deal of my own money but I am always Looking for free things and great downloads. Excited about the chance to win money!!!! My husband will be so greatful!

  4. Thanks Tara! You are the Queen of ideas. I always love getting your emails. Looking forward to the opportunity to win some money to help repay my bank account as I am way too often buying things for my classroom. I am sure we can all relate. Keep up the awesome job! Thanks Again!!

  5. Thanks in advance! This is my first year teaching kindergarten and I have purchased a lot of your stuff and LOVE IT! They have been an awesome time saver for me and my family. I hope I win the gift card, it is my son’s birthday on the 28th too!!!

    Thanks again,

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