First days back and my plans!

HEY THERE! Okay, it’s almost 7:00 P.M. here in Missouri and I just got that feeling in my stomach…yeah Sundays now mean something again! HA!  Well the first two days of Kindergarten are under my belt!  It’s only gets easier from here right? 😉  I didn’t snap too many pictures last week, but will try to be much better this week!  

A little work with Brown Bear….

Self portraits?  Yes, please!  {this student work display tutorial is still to come-sorry!}

Alright, now to lesson plans!  I make no promises that I will remember/have time/sanity to keep posting my weekly plans but I will try!  Here were the first two days which are set up completely different than that of the rest of the year!  Click the image below to download!

Now to my plans for this upcoming week!  Please note that there are a few things that will change up as the year progresses!  Also, for math and writing I won’t be able to always provide specific plans because my district uses curriculum programs so me sharing would be again obvious copyright! Click the image below to view my plans!  All link and images are hyper-linked for your easy viewing eyes!

Let me know if these are helpful to you!  I want to make sure to dedicate my time to what will best benefit y’all! 🙂  Have a SUPER week! 


  1. Thanks! As a sixth year teacher moving from third to kinder, I greatly appreciate this!! When will Unit 2 of Kinderphonics be ready? I've been following your plans exactly and it seems to be working so well! We started school on the 11 so tomorrow starts my third full week. You are my new favorite "go-to" blogger and TPT seller! I've purchased A LOT of your goodies for this year!

  2. I love seeing your plans! I can't wait to see your student work display tutorial ! I am decorating my room now and I really want to do a similar display. (We start September 2nd) I only have 1 small bulletin board so I am going to be doing mine on my cinder block wall. Are you going to be using other Leap Frog DVDs with the other KinderPhonics units?

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