FREE KinderMath Addition Lesson Plans + Games!

Today I would like to stop by quickly and share a fun freebie from my KinderMath curriculum program!   This freebie is from Unit 11 of KinderMath which transitions the kids from combos to 10 (Unit 10) and teaches addition explicitly through hands-on games!  Unit 11 starts with reviewing the thought behind addition (the combination of two sets).  The first few lessons teach kids specific strategies they can use to solve addition problems!  Around lesson 4, the students are introduced into the abstract addition symbols ( + and = ).

All of the photos below are part of the freebie!   Click on any picture or HERE to download the freebie instantly!  If you’re interested in the complete year-long bundle then you can sang it for $30 off for a limited time!  I love offering the free preview so you have the ability to try out the lessons with your kiddos first!  My math curriculum is filled with FUN!  There is nothing wrong with bringing fun back to math!  When kids are having fun, they learn naturally and it’s exciting to them!






  1. Hi Tara, Is there any chance you could extend the sale on the Kindermath bundle for another week?. We are on Spring break and I really want to try some of them with my kinders.

  2. Hi Tara ,
    I clicked on the ink to get your Year Long bundle for $30.00, but when it went to the TPT store, it comes up as $50.00.
    I only just received the BLOGLOVIN’ email regarding the bundle, and would like to purchase it at the discounted price.
    Are you able to rectify this?
    Thanks in advance,

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