Freebie Customized Name Mats For YOUR Class!

I am taking my deep breaths…I know that in a couple of short weeks my sweet babes will be coming!  I am always excited, but a little nervous.  It’s not about being prepared…it’s about parents entrusting us for those very “firsts!”  The parents start getting teary eyed..and I have to turn away!  I am no mama yet, but I still feel their joy and sadness all wrapped into one goodbye hug!  

Some of kiddos will be experiencing a lot more “firsts” when they walk through our doors other then saying bye to their parents.  There are so many, but one that sticks out in my mind is learning the importance of their name!  Sure, lots of kids of have practiced writing their names, but now their name has transformed into this meaningful WORD!  
It’s so exciting seeing those that come in struggling with their name…leaving Kindergarten being one of your best writers.  It happens! 🙂  I like to jump right in on name practice, it’s okay if we have a little fun while doing it!  I have used name mats in classroom since my first year!  We use dry-erase markers some days, play dough others, or mix it up with Wikki Stix!  They are so versatile!  In the past I have made custom name mats for teachers, but I thought it would be so much easier if you had access to your own mats.
So, you would be able to add little Johnny when he started a few months in or move on last names once they are ready!  Within the packet I will provide you specific instructions on how to customize the name mats for your classroom! Below are a few snapshots of the name mats in action! 

If you are ready to get your name mats rockin’ and rollin’ you can click below to grab the freebie!  We are excited, we are nervous, but most of we are ready to change the world …a few kiddos as a time!  Have a great week! 🙂


  1. Cute! I always used name tags to practice names when I first taught (before computers) and I would write the names on sentence strips. Now that I'm back in K I will definitely use these. Thanks! I worked with a Vada last year, without the i.

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