Grandparent’s Day {freebies included}

You made it another week…go you! 🙂  Tomorrow is our grandparent’s day!  The kids are excited and I am excited as well because this is my first year to have grandparents stay during the day!  Our grandparents will be stopping in for just under and hour.  We have a lot of cute activities planned and you can see my “schedule” below! 🙂  I just need things written down so I can make sure I am not forgetting anything!  We are all like that right!!?

Below is a super cute Pete the Cat coloring sheet I had my students work on! You can grab the freebie below!

Grab the freebie HERE.

We also made these adorable crafts for our grandparents!

This was a freebie from Ashley Reed.

I’m sure you were wondering about “roll” a grandparent…no no we won’t be rolling our grandparents down the hallway!  It is this super cute activity below! View the activity here.

And to spice up our hallway displays the kids illustrated themselves as grandmas and grandpas.  This is another freebie you can find below!  They turned out great.  We had lots of grey hair, canes, walkers, and a few wheel chairs!

Click below to grab the freebie!

Have a great ending to your week!  I will be back with more on active play math centers!


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