Hands-On Alphabet and Math Fun! + FREE 100 PAGE DOWNLOAD

I’m so excited to share my new hands-on and alphabet fun mats! I have 6 new packets to share today! I also bundled all of today’s packets together! You can view the bundle [HERE].

Alphabet and Numbers Fun Through the Year

The great thing about today’s packets is that they are part of my “Through the Year” packets. That means that these packets can be used ALL.YEAR.LONG. Each of the packets offer 12-20 themes that provide you with material for the entire school year! You will always have students working on numbers, letters, counting, and subitzing through the year! These packets focus on the letters of the alphabet and numbers to 20! It should also be mentioned that ALL of the packets include “I Can” cards like the one below!

Rolling Through the Year

My Rolling Through the Year packets are offered for both the alphabet and numbers to 20! These packets both offer twenty themes. There is also opportunity to differentiate the packet through the year! For example, you can have students roll the capital letter cube, but respond on the lowercase sheet. Both packets offer 2 versions of recording sheets [capital and lowercase for the alphabet, numbers and ten frames for math]. The packets only require that you have a differentiated instructional cube! I have the Carson Dellosa set!

You can view these two awesome packets below!

Build It Through the Year

Build It Through the Year is a great way to integrate fine motor/hands-on experience when practicing the alphabet or numbers to 20. These mats provide you with 12 themes for the year! Students will be able to try out a new theme each month as they practice their letters and numbers!

You might choose to have students build the letters and numbers with the following:

  • dough
  • fuzzy pom-poms
  • cubes
  • mini erasers
  • gems
  • pipe cleaners
  • plastic chips

You can view the building packets below!

Count It Out Through the Year

Count It Out Through the Year offers a fun and engaging way to practice counting sets and 1:1 correspondence. These mats offer 12 themes and are offered for numbers 1-20. The students will count out a matching set for the number stated on the mat.

View the Count It Out Through the Year packet below!

Ten Frames Through the Year

The Ten Frames Through the Year packet offers 12 themes for students! Each theme includes mats for numbers 1-20. Numbers 1-20 will have a single ten frame. Whereas, numbers 11-20 will have the double ten frames. You might have students use any of the following items to build their ten frames.

  • dough balls
  • fuzzy pom-poms
  • cubes
  • mini erasers
  • gems
  • plastic chips
  • dry erase marker

You can view the Ten Frames Through the Year packet below!


Exciting news! I bundled all 6 packets into one easy download! You can view the bundle below!

Party Fun Freebie Packet

Try out these hands-on and engaging packets with this FREEBIE PREVIEW! Try out the build it, ten frames, and count it out mats with this PARTY FUN theme! This theme isn’t part of the packets so you’ll want to be sure to download it HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping in today! Reach out with any questions via email to li******************@gm***.com xo- Tara


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