Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year my dear teacher friends! 🙂  Just stopping to think about how my year as a teacher went.  I learned new things, tried out teaching ideas for the first time, created & shared, built upon existing blogging relationships and gained new ones!  All in all a great year…welcome 2014!

One of the most exciting things of 2013 was when my sister was hired to teach along side my Kindergarten team this year.  It has really opened my eyes again to what it like to be a first year teacher.  We so quickly get accustomed to our daily ins & outs that we often forget how tricky it can be your first year.  I have had a lot of fun showing her the ropes!  The one thing I had completely blocked my memory was how much time we spend at school our first year.  Not to mention how much time we are still there even when it is not our first year 🙂 
So for 2014 I wanted to make a September-May series of packets that lessen the load of you fine teachers! So up first is January! And of course it needed a catchy name….

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This packet does its best to make preparing for the month a lot easier.  The activities in the packet will provide additional resources for your whole group writing,  math lessons, word work, content and even provides a complete sub lesson plan for an emergency sub plan.


Included in the packet:
Writing Activities {17 pages}: All About Winter Books, Making a Winter List, Snowman How  to Writing, Opinion Writing Story Starters, Winter Pictionary, & Writing Journals
Math Activities {35 pages}: Snowflake Line Up {whole group & independent}, Snowflake Ten Frames- Teen Numbers, Penguin Addition/Subtraction {whole group &  independent}, Winter Addition/Subtraction Practice Sheets, Analyzing Graphs, Place Value Practice

Word Work Activities {20 pages}: Winter Sort –beginning & final sound versions, Vowel the Owl Sort {short vowel sort- a, e, i, o, u}, Digraph Sort- th, sh, ch, Silent “e” Word Match Ups,  Penguin in the Middle-medial sounds, Snowball Change Up-manipulating  beginning sounds
Content Activities {8 pages}: Ideas and writing activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, simple science experiment ideas
Recess Ideas: {5 pages}
Simple Print Sub Plan Activities {12 pages}: Instruction page for substitute and  activities for read aloud, writing, math, & word work. All needed materials included.
Teacher Organization {10 pages}: Ideas to stay on task in 2014, January 2014 calendar, winter thank you cards, to do lists. 

Below is a preview image! 

The packet sells for $6.00, but this packet {only} will remain on sale through Saturday, January 4th for those wanting to snag it!

Have a blessed New Year’s day…and be sure to check out this adorable New Year’s hop from that darlings over at FREEBIELICIOUS.



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