Hide and seek with a freebie!

Hey there friends!  The final days are slowly ticking down….back to work on Monday and kiddos come Thursday for me! Eeek!  The other day I shared with you my classroom tour. You might have been saying to yourself, “Yeah that is cute, but where is all her stuff/junk/necessities?”  So, today I will show you behind the closed doors a.k.a. my closet and cabinets!

First up is my teacher closet!  All of our classrooms have one of these and they are awesome for hiding organizing goodies!  Below is a full shot so you can see in!  No, it’s not all perfectly stowed away, but close enough ha!  At the top are a lot of my curriculum math tools that are not needed everyday or excess math manipulatives!

The white crate is how I organized my basal books!  The books for each unit are in a hanging folder eliminating the big and bulky tubs that were given with the program.  

Now moving on to my cabinets! This is my supplies/craft cabinet.  For the most part everything “small” has been placed into a green tub.  I snagged these from the dollar tree!  They are the perfect size and you can’t beat the price!  The labels are a freebie of mine and I will the link for them below!

Below is my math cabinet.  I have the larger games/manipulatives placed into the the yellow baskets.  They are from Really Good Stuff. The snap-lid green tubs are also from dollar tree and are housing more small manipulatives.  The binder-clipped mats are miscellaneous game mats/hundreds charts.

Below my cabinets are built in shelves.  At the bottom of this one is where I keep my literacy centers.  I have now moved onto three big binders so I need to print out another binder cover and spine–slacker! You can grab those freebie binder covers HERE.

The above shelf along with the below shelf are covered with curtains!  Curtains are the best for hiding your stashes!  On this shelf I have a lot of material we will use once the year gets started; whiteboards, listening books, games, etc.

Thank you curtains!!!

Alrighty, that’s all I got for you today!  Just remember…we all have a few hiding spots and that is a-okay!  If you would like the freebie supply labels you can click below to grab them!

Have a great weekend!



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